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Who is plus-size and rocking a cut out dress? I AM!! If anyone told me I would be wearing a cut out dress, I wouldn't have believed it myself. This year is making me get a little bolder. After having two kids too, I would say your girl has come a long way *smiles*. Apart from the style of the dress, I love the different style patterns combined in the dress, its so cute and unique. 
Gone are the days when we curvy / plus-size women had to play it safe when dressing up because we cared a lot about what people had to say about our style and what we was right for our size. Now we are rocking whatever we want, and if you don't like it, you can look the other way. 
Mama Alana and Hazel ain't playing this year. Eevva Collections always keeps me looking on point. Check out their INSTAGRAM page HERE and check out a few of their other pieces I had worn last year. 1 , 2 , 3, 4, 5

Denim jacket: Asos
Sunglasses: Jee Vice
Wedge: Louis Vuitton
Watch: Michael Kors

I finally got my hair done after 7 months!! I'm back on the single braid train and it feels good to be back. I don't have to brush my hair or bother about what hairstyle to do tomorrow. 
     I also know some of you are wondering why I chose this style combo, rocking a kimono and tying a wrapper. Well sometimes, when you are running late and you still haven't found something to wear, just seeing a few pieces laying around can put a lot of ideas into your head. I put this look together after spending a while in my closet, looking for what to wear. 
The main reason why I love this look is how comfortable it is, the royal yellow /  gold colors and it's something a little different from what you would expect to see. I plan to take some style risk this year. I am Looking forward to the scary journey!!  

Shoes: Jumia

Hey ladies, I got these rolled up flats a few days ago from this plus size shoe store Pedisbox and I must say, it has really made a difference in my life just these few days I've been going out, while wearing my killer heels. When ever I am tired of wearing my heels, I just switch them for these babies. They are so comfortable, lithe and portable. I have been taking them out with me everywhere I go recently whenever I put on heels. Not only are they cute, they come in different colors of your choice and they have RED SOLES!! 

Whenever I want to replace my shoes for these flats, I put them in the black bag it came with and slip on the flats. That way, it's easier to carry around and it is a lot more flattering. No lady looks proper or cute holding her shoes in her hand and walking around. It just tells people your business without saying anything

(black bag is under the flats and box)

The sizes range from a size 8 to 12 US

see more colors here 


Yeeessss! The first post of the year. I know it's a week late "smiles". Some of us don't play with the holidays. So far, I am very happy about 2017 and I know only great things can happen this year. Just do something with your hands, don't expect favour to fall from the sky. Do something and see how God will bless you. No negative vibes this year, and I don't need negative people around me. Really restucturing my life this year after learning and experiencing a lot in 2016. 2017 is my year of grace and abundance, who believes should also agree!!

Florals was my first choice for the New Year. My floral shirt was from Old Navy. I have had it for years, an oldie but a goldie. My earrings where from my late mum and the lovely skirt I have on is from Eevva Collections. I still have some more amazing pieces to show as time goes by. More of this look below.

The countdown for 2017 just began!! and as usual, I share my top 10 looks for the year, which of the looks made the cut? In order to find out, you would have to watch it on my channel. I would not be able to do a post this year, due to the amount of things on ground has me a bit occupied. 
Don't forget to subscribe after watching!! Muah!!


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