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 Hey guys, I hope your having a great week so far. As I promised in the previous post, here is another maternity look. This was my first time wearing a fitted dress that basically made my belly the center of attention. I felt quite good and confident, but the tricky part to being a plus size and pregnant, is that most people might not be aware that you are and would comment on your weight or how big your belly is getting "believe me I have met a couple of ignorant people as such", i just nod, smile and walk away. But one thing I am truly thankful for is the fact that I only gain 15 pounds during my pregnancy. Happy Lady!!

I am loving my Pandora bracelet with my "MUM" pendant, can't wait to add more charms.

Dress: DGL
Shoes: Louis Vuitton
Bracelet: Pandora



O boy!! its really been a long vacay from the blog. I really miss you all and sharing my personal style and visiting my other fellow bloggers websites. As of now, if you follow me on instagram ( @infashionrehabng )  it's not a secret anymore that I gave birth to my little princess on Mother's day, May 10th. I still cannot believe I am a mother, sometimes I just stare at her and ask myself if she is really mine. 
As much as I am in love with my baby, I cannot forget Fashion Rehab and I cannot wait to share a few of my maternity looks that showed off my bump.
Most of the outfits I wore from last year August 2014, are also part of my maternity look, but my bump refused to pop until I was almost 8 months pregnant ( Crazy right!!! ). So that's what's gonna be coming up on the blog. 
So below was a photo shoot my sister did for my husband and I. We almost didn't do one because I was tired, and my baby brain was in full speed, so doing almost anything was a strain. But I am happy she convinced me to do it and we all had a blast in the process. Enjoy!!! 

Our Princess



The Mules have become a favorite to celebrities, fashion bloggers and the closets of shoe lovers. At first I wasn't a fan of it, but somehow, I grew to love it and I am actually looking for a pair to add to me closet (still searching). One of the things I love about the Mules is how easy it is to slide your feet into it and it gives a little edge to your look. Here are a few celebs rocking the trend.

1: Beyonce   2: Lisa Folawiyo   3: Chrissy Teigen   4: Jennifer Obayuwana  

Below are a few more style inspirations on how to rock the MULES!!

What are your thoughts on the trend? Love it or hate it? 



Ejiro Amos Tafiri is one of my favorite designers, and her new 2015 Spring / Summer collection is so pretty, elegant and sexy. Also there are a couple of pieces that would look so good on we curvy girls. more pictures of the lovely pieces below.

What are your thoughts on the collection? 



Hey guys, happy new week!!! Hope you had a great weekend.  Mother's day is slowly approaching and last week sunday, PANDORA hosted a couple of bloggers to talk about what it means to be a woman and a mother, and to share what we love so much about our mothers. Teni Sagoe of Clan also gave a speech on how much her mother has inspired her. The event took place at Four Point Hotel, we had a lovely brunch while we all got talking and we had a little sneak peek of PANDORA's MOTHER'S DAY COLLECTION. Check a few more pictures at the brunch below. 

A little "Mum" charm was in my goody bag, it was so cute cos as a woman, will be a mum someday, so why not add it to my bracelet, along with the rest i will be getting in the future to tell my story. 


Ps: Don't forget to check out their instagram @moments_ng. They are having an amazing giveaway where you can stand a chance to win an amazing jewelry. Whats not to love about it, check it out and get involved.


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