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The Genevieve Pinkball event was dedicated to raising money for cancer, and a couple of celebs and lovely guests turned up to help a good cause. We all know African women know how to kill it when is comes to fashion, lets just say the guests didn't want to take any chances when it came to their looks. I'm only going to pick my favorite looks for the night, those who I felt made the best dress list. Here we go!!

The Director in Chief of Genevieve Magazine was the best dressed in my opinion, she really brought her A game, and her dress was gorge from head to toe

Osas Ighodaro went for a ball gown, she looked gorge

 Tonye Garrick looked so beautiful in her outfit, she went for the "old hollywood glam" look.

This lady always looks flawless she almost doesn't do no wrong in my eye. This braids are doing so much for her face, She is the second best look for the night. 

Mo Cheddah's outfit was so adorable, she looked so cute. She looked like a dolly you wanna take home.

Liz Yemoja's look was quite simple but lovely at the same time. I loved the one strap sleeve and the extra material added at the top. 

Solange of Madame Solange blog looked so elegant in her dress. I love the draping on the side. 

I loved how Omawumi paired the sequins top with strips at the bottom. She nailed it!

From left to right: Kunbi Oyelese, Ugonna Omeruo and Vimbai Mutinhiri  each of the ladies looking lovely in their dresses.



House of Tara was lovely enough to send these products. To be honest, I was so excited when the package arrived. After using each of the products, I decided to do a review based on my experience.

Makeup Remover

Tara makeup remover has a little coconut scent. I love the scent of coconut, so I'm going to give it a plus. 

The product is quite oily as shown on my skin below, so for those who might not like the oily feel, it's advisable to wash your face after your done using the product. Also, you need to apply it about twice on the same spot in order to fully remove the makeup. 

Brush Wash

The brush cleaner is perfect for cleaning your brushes right after your done applying your makeup. It contains alcohol that disinfects your makeup brushes.

A little spray on the brush like the picture below and whip the brushes with a tissue paper or cloth to remove what's left. Note: If you use your brush frequently try to wash it once in two weeks.

High Intensity Pigment Eyeshadow Palette

Tara's Eyeshadow palette is filled with a lot of bright colors. They look quite dark and mellow just looking at them, but when applied to the skin, it comes out a lot lighter.

I  tested out the dark purple shade on my eyes, just to show you how bright it can get.

Here are just a few more examples of how different they look when applied.

 1. Dark Blue
2. Silver 
4. Orange
5. Pink
10. Red
11. Brown




It's a new week, new expectations, new challenges and blessings. I wanted to put this post up yesterday, but I broke down and had to rest the whole of yesterday. I didn't sleep the whole weekend because we spent the whole time there at my family's house. For some reason they don't sleep in that house lol, I call my brother a  "Vampire" cos he was mostly up all night during the weekend. This was the look I went for  to the launch event of Style Me Africa, if you missed the post, check it out Here. I wore this hat to compliment the Kimono and most of all, I was having a bad hair day, I need to cover up some loose ends. 
I hope you all are having a good week so far, just keep you head up because there are 5 more days remaining this week and anything can happen. Enjoy!! 

Hat: Old Navy
Tank Top: Old Navy
Skirt: Asos
Bag: Marc Jacob
Kimono: Asos
Watch: Michael Kors
Shoes: Asos


Good morning Fashion Lovers, its so sad that the holidays are finally over, it was the longest, most relaxing, traffic free days ever, Sigh! Well before we know it, Christmas is around the corner right? OK, i'm still in good spirits. I spent the last day of Sallah at the launch of Style Me Africa website, they focus on celebrating and showcasing African Fashion and style, Check it out HERE . They Invited a couple of Fashion and Beauty bloggers to Pattaya Restaurant to learn more about the site and see new African brands, Store and Makeup that just hit the market, which was pretty cool. 

Above is the founder of Style Me Africa Adedunmola Kolawole, she was so sweet.

A few of the bloggers that were invited, you can see food and drinks where in order *smiles*.

A few more blogger and representatives from House of Tara and Grey Velvet

Kamokini is a new swim wear brand that was introduced, they focus on making swimsuits that compliments the African woman's body, they wear really cute pieces. Below is showing different ways to style the bikini cover ups to your style.

A makeup artist from House of Tara showed a little demonstration on how to apply colorful eye shadows and how to use their new brush cleaner, just a spray away HouseOfTara.

The model that was used to apply the makeup, finished look.

Lastly, STYD showcased brands and pieces they have on their online store, they also sell accessories.

let the be food, and there was food

It was like a mini reunion, I met with some blogger friends. with me in the picture is Sayedero of .  Girl is fierce!! 

Also my two other lovely ladies Deola of on the left and Mide Coker of on the right.

We were also given a lovely gift bag to take home with cool stuffs in it

I hope you enjoyed every bit of it.



Happy Sallah!! to my Muslim readers, I hope you all are enjoying the holiday. I have had so much ram meat and lounging to the point that I'm a little confused and feel so weak. I't not going to bore you with so much talk, but all I would say is take advantage of the holiday and rest and lounge as much as you can.

The hubby and I were with a couple of friends yesterday, eating away, laughing and enjoying ourselves. I didn't take any picture of myself because I was the one with the camera and I wasn't looking my best after such a long day. So I'm using today to rest and to recover from yesterday.  

Anyone working today or going out to have fun, if so what are your plans?

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