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We are just a couple of ours away from Valentines day, but there is still time to get a couple of gifts to express how much you love your partner. Here are a few Ideas for him and her that I find quite cute, and a little personal.

1. Pandora Bracelet for her: This is for those guys who don't mind spending a little bit more for their ladies. You can give her a the bracelet with little charms telling a story about your relationship with her. 
Wrist Watch: For the ladies, you can get your man a watch he has been talking about for a while now, just to show him how much you listen and love him.

2. This gift is for "Her". I feel most guys have forgotten how to be really romantic. Creating a CD filled with love songs that describe how you feel for her and some of your favorite love songs together is quite a romantic and sweet touch. Also adding roses and a teddy bear just makes it more lovely and presentable. 

3. Matching Pieces: Getting your partner matching items is pretty cute, and just to add a little spice to the day, both of you can rock the piece while you enjoy the rest of the day for lovers!!

Also, how do you tend to spend your Vals day? As for me, I don't have anything planned yet, but if anything where to happen tomorrow, it would be something filled with relaxation and pampering. 



This is another treat for my shopaholics, a store recently opened on the 18th of January called "Ms Pen's Place". The known to make their own brand and also sell fashion forward pieces. You can find anything from shoes and jewelries to hair accessories etc. Not only does the store have a fun 80s edgy look, but it also offers a great shopping experience. Enjoy!!

Ladies having fun while shopping. 

 The CEO of Ms Pen Place taking pictures with friends (The lady with the braids wrapped up)

A few lovely guest decided to take a pictures outside 

The CEO (on the right)

Address: 283, Herbert Macauly Way, Alagomeji Bus Stop, Ebute Matta, Lagos.
08174850370, 07062615377



Happy New month!! I hope you are keeping a positive attitude regardless of what we know will be holding this month, which is "Election". All I want is for God to put the right people that the country needs to grow. Anyways, enough of political talk, this was the outfit I wore to the Pandora meets Ankara event,  Here. I wanted to wear something quite simple but at the same time elegant.

Dress: DGL
Shoes: Chloe
Sunglasses: Mango
Clutch: Asos



Fedora Hat: A gift
Bag: Mango
Sunglasses: Mango 


Pandora meets Ankara was an exclusive event that occurred last week Sunday. For those of you who are not aware of the Pandora brand, it basically focuses on women and allows them to tell their story through the charms they put on the bracelet, each bracelet has a story which makes it very personal. The elegant pieces can be worn from day to night and any event. 

 Fashion editors, media and bloggers were present for the launch of the jewelry pieces inspired by Jewel by Lisa and their Valentine collection for the the season of love approaching. The event was simple, elegant , classy and straight to the point. That was one of the things I loved about it. There are a couple of pictures below to give you an insight of what happened and to give you a little peek of their Valentine collection.  Enjoy!!! 

Above is Lisa Folawiyo, the Creative Director of Jewel by Lisa with the Host of the lovely event.

This was my table, I'm sure you already knew with the Fashion Rehab card making a statement in my transparent clutch. I loved the table setting, it was so pretty and girly, and it was also my favorite color which is pink. 

After mingling a bit it a couple of the guests, JBL Creative Director Lisa, talked about the collaboration with Pandora and the inspiration behind each piece. As you all know, her designs are mainly focused on beautiful prints which somehow tell a story and what was what she incorporated in the jewelry line which you can find out more at the Pandora store in Lekki.

Above is a glimpse of one of her pieces, one of the models was kind enough to let me take a shot of it, isn't it beautiful? 

After Lisa, we were introduced to the Lekki branch manager who talked a little more about the brand and their seasonal collections. She was so cute and confident, she definitely had my full attention.

Lastly, we were allowed to stroll into the store to check out their Valentine collection and other amazing pieces. 

Love is in the air!! beautiful pieces "men take a hint for Vals day, and for the women, taking your man to check out the store before Vals day ain't a bad idea" wink wink. 

 Not only was the event beautiful, but they made us walk away with a Pandora bracelet each. It's a really sweet gesture to allow your guest experience what your brand is all about, well be sure that a lot are going to head back and get some charms that tell a little story of their lives. To think the bracelet was all we were getting, we also had a lovely gift bag waiting for us. Seriously Pandora does know the way to a woman's heart :). 

Location: Centro Lekki Mall, Block 69 plot 15, Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1


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