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Hey guys, hope your weekend started off on a good note. If you are subscribed to my Youtube channel, you would know that I had put up a video yesterday in the evening. I talked about little things we should consider  when giving out Aso Ebi to the Plus Size / Curvier woman.  I also change the Plus Size Struggle segment to Plus size story. I just feel being plus size isn't much of a struggle, it's more of a lifestyle. 
My look in the video was inspired by the first lady of Nigeria Aisha Buhari, it was so much easier tying this Ankara than a head tie. If you want a tutorial on how I tied it, let me know.

Enjoy and subscribe 


Hey guys, I am just in good spirits after church yesterday. There are some days it just feels like God is speaking through his anionted to tell you the message you have been waiting for. Well this sunday was one of those sundays. I wore this lovely dress yesterday and I must admit, I got a few compliments here and there. It brought out my physic and the color looked so rich on my skin tone. Yesterday was one of those day I wish didn't end. I looked good, I felt good and most importantly, my spiritual was in the right place.

It is really great to know that most stores now in Nigeria are considering plus size women like myself. If you want a dress like this, you can get it from here


Finally I get to show you a recap of what went down at the Nigerian Natural Hair Beauty Show last weekend. It was a little different from the fashion events I would normally go to, but as they say "variety is the spice of life", so I had to experience something a little different, especially since I was one of the few bloggers chosen to cover the event.
First of all, I loved the atmosphere, it was so girly, and most of the stands looked so pretty. It definitely caught my attention that I had to take a lot of pictures, and almost forgot to film.

The event was a dream for a girl with natural hair. There were a lot of natural hair products from different brands, and of course, beauty products had to be present, because regardless of your hair texture, you still gotta slay.

The event was basically for the whole day filled with a lot of hair and makeup tutorials from different speakers, and teachings of body acceptance.

The first speaker was Felicia Leatherwood, she shared a couple of hair secrets that I share on the blog a few days ago, you can check it out if you missed it.

Felicia Leatherwood

The following speaker Ijeoma Eboh, talked about how to choose the perfect hair colorist, so that you do not loose the lovely hair you had already invested so much time in growing and keeping it healthy. Her hair secrets points were also listed Here

Ijeoma Eboh

Lastly, Yagazie Emezi also spoke about body acceptance and how she shows African beauty through her lens. They were very pleasant speakers to listen to, and I sure learnt one or two things from them.

Yagazie Emezi

I missed one of my favorite plus-size bloggers, who was also talking about body acceptance.
She was so sweet in person, we talked a bit and obviously had to seal it with a selfie. I hope to see her again when she visits Lagos again. If you want to see my full outfit, check it out here

To be honest, this cupcake you see in my hand is one of the reasons why I missed her speech. I'm a fat kid, what do you expect :), but doesn't it look so good? well it tastes as good as it looks.

I took a picture of a few hair crushes, looking a a huge Afro gives me life and reminds me of what I could have had, but its all good, as long as I keep my hair long and healthy. 


There is also a video on the channel showing some incite of what happened at the NNHB show. Don't forget to subscribe!!!



I know I have left the natural hair gang, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't take a few points and share with some sistahs that are in need. Also, who knows, I might go natural again, you just might never know. But enough about my future choices, check out the few things I learnt from the Nigerian Natural Hair Beauty show (NNHB) that took place this past weekend.

6 Natural Hair Secrets

1) The hair grows in a certain pattern and if your hair dresser does your braids in the opposite direction your hair grows, it would definitely break your hair.

2)If you have a problem with your hair growing, it could either be hereditary or you don't have enough protein in your diet.

3)When you wash your natural hair, remember to put conditioner in it. After it's been applied, put it in a twist, then rinse the conditioner off while the twist is still on. Before you loosen the twist, you would squeeze out the water from the hair. You would notice that your hair still has a little conditioner left in it, which would allow moisture to stay on the hair to keep your hair soft.

4)If you are following a vlogger or a blogger for hair guidance, you have to make sure that person has the same hair texture as yours. If not,  it could only leave you disappointed when you try out what works for them, or leave your hair damaged.

5)It takes 3 months for the body to understand the changes you are making to your hair, and 6 months to see the progress.

6) When you want to color your hair, make sure you find an experienced colorist. Also, if you can, try to contact someone who basically has the same hair texture with you that has used the same colorist you have been thinking of using, and ask them how their experience was like and how their hair has been since they had their hair colored. This is a safe way to make a choice without taking a risk with your hair that you have invested in for a long time. Instagram makes it very easy to find different hairstylists, so its also very easy to find their clients (if tagged on a picture or caption), so that way, you can easily communicate with them.

Some of the speakers shared a lot of important information that could help every natural haired girl that's still trying to find out what works for her or understand her hair. I can't wait to attend other cool events coming up, will surely keep you posted.



I can't believe the weekend has come and gone so quickly, It was a very relaxing one for me, and I can't wait to have another weekend like it. I am actually sure and very certain that most of you did not read this post, but scrolled down to look at my outfit because it is that pretty, and it's okay, I forgive you in advance. I wore this lovely royal blue kaftan to the NNHB Show this Saturday that just passed. It really brought back so much memories of when I went all natural for about a year and a half.
I wish the event came earlier before I had relaxed my hair, maybe I would have had a change of heart. If you want to know how my natural hair looks like, you can check it out Here. I must warn you, it's longer now, so it's basically a teaser you would be getting.

Did I say this kaftan is everything? and the fact that it has a slit on the arms and a zipper is just edgy and classy at the same time. I wanted to look stylish, but at the same time, be very comfortable since I knew I would be doing a lot of walking around, and that was what this dress did for me. 

Sunglasses: Raybans
Bag: Michael Kors
Necklace: Aldo

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