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The Mules have become a favorite to celebrities, fashion bloggers and the closets of shoe lovers. At first I wasn't a fan of it, but somehow, I grew to love it and I am actually looking for a pair to add to me closet (still searching). One of the things I love about the Mules is how easy it is to slide your feet into it and it gives a little edge to your look. Here are a few celebs rocking the trend.

1: Beyonce   2: Lisa Folawiyo   3: Chrissy Teigen   4: Jennifer Obayuwana  

Below are a few more style inspirations on how to rock the MULES!!

What are your thoughts on the trend? Love it or hate it? 



Ejiro Amos Tafiri is one of my favorite designers, and her new 2015 Spring / Summer collection is so pretty, elegant and sexy. Also there are a couple of pieces that would look so good on we curvy girls. more pictures of the lovely pieces below.

What are your thoughts on the collection? 



Hey guys, happy new week!!! Hope you had a great weekend.  Mother's day is slowly approaching and last week sunday, PANDORA hosted a couple of bloggers to talk about what it means to be a woman and a mother, and to share what we love so much about our mothers. Teni Sagoe of Clan also gave a speech on how much her mother has inspired her. The event took place at Four Point Hotel, we had a lovely brunch while we all got talking and we had a little sneak peek of PANDORA's MOTHER'S DAY COLLECTION. Check a few more pictures at the brunch below. 

A little "Mum" charm was in my goody bag, it was so cute cos as a woman, will be a mum someday, so why not add it to my bracelet, along with the rest i will be getting in the future to tell my story. 


Ps: Don't forget to check out their instagram @moments_ng. They are having an amazing giveaway where you can stand a chance to win an amazing jewelry. Whats not to love about it, check it out and get involved.


Hello lovely people, hope this month is treating you well so far. As you all know, I told you a couple of months ago that I was chosen as one of the Style Reps for WOODIN. I recently got this beautiful fabric in the mail and I can't wait to create something beautiful. I have have a couple of sketches and I still don't know the style I want, hopefully, I'll make up my ind before the end of the week. 



We are just a couple of ours away from Valentines day, but there is still time to get a couple of gifts to express how much you love your partner. Here are a few Ideas for him and her that I find quite cute, and a little personal.

1. Pandora Bracelet for her: This is for those guys who don't mind spending a little bit more for their ladies. You can give her a the bracelet with little charms telling a story about your relationship with her. 
Wrist Watch: For the ladies, you can get your man a watch he has been talking about for a while now, just to show him how much you listen and love him.

2. This gift is for "Her". I feel most guys have forgotten how to be really romantic. Creating a CD filled with love songs that describe how you feel for her and some of your favorite love songs together is quite a romantic and sweet touch. Also adding roses and a teddy bear just makes it more lovely and presentable. 

3. Matching Pieces: Getting your partner matching items is pretty cute, and just to add a little spice to the day, both of you can rock the piece while you enjoy the rest of the day for lovers!!

Also, how do you tend to spend your Vals day? As for me, I don't have anything planned yet, but if anything where to happen tomorrow, it would be something filled with relaxation and pampering. 


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