Hi everyone, I just want to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and hope you have a fun and blessed day.

I'm Just wearing a sweater I got from Asos and Candela Nyc flats

Any Plans for the day?


In Lagos, there are a few things everyone can agree are awesome: Glover Court Suya. Cactus Brownies. Fashion shows. And LPM!

So we know everyone’s waiting with bated breath for the second annual LPM GRANDE MARCHE.

And we won’t disappoint! From the awesome shopping, VIP goodie bags and the uber fabulous LPM Grande Marche Runway featuring some of the best in Nigerian fashion. Not to mention the LPM #BuyNigerian Documentary! Rehearse those soundbites people!!

Start replenishing your wardrobe for the New Year! And grab some last minute holiday gifts for family and friends.

Here’s a sneak peek of what they have in store for you this Sunday!

*All clothes and accessories above are available at LPM This Sunday

Le Petit Marche

GET Arena, Oniru Estate Opposite Oriental Hotel from 12PM – 6PM)

The LPM Runway is from 2pm – 4pm.


For more information email here is email: lpmnigeria@gmail.com 
 Don’t forget to join the group on Facebook

I woke up this morning happy and ready to go to church, and when I looked outside, it was snowing heavily. I was not too pleased considering the fact that I already brought out what I was going to wear to church (it did not make sense again because of the weather). So I had to find something more appropriate that would keep me warm.

I just wore one of my Maxi dresses with a white top under and a turtle neck for more protection from the cold. I would say it wasn't a bad combination. I felt comfy, warm and felt good at the same time. It is still snowing like crazy at the moment, I am wondering how the streets are going to look like tomorrow O_O.

PS: I am still dealing with my finals, I will be done on friday, can't wait!.

I attend an all black birthday dinner on saturday, I had a lot of fun and the food was good too. But now the weekend has come to an end and I am back to reality. I hope you all had a great weekend !!.

Hey guys there is something fun I want to share with you all. I discovered this lady not long ago and she is actually living my dream of FASHION. She is an editor and creative consultant for Vouge Japan . She never repeats and she has clothes in her closet(s) to die for. I am going to show you a couple of videos of her closet, Style and her life in the Fashion World.

I actually have exams at the moment, but I'm still going to post this weekend and the following days ahead. I just had to focus on a couple of things.

As you all know, H&M Lanvin came out this weekend. I was really excited at first, until I found out that I arrived at H&M late which was at 9 in the morning (Who knew?). Apparently, a couple of people camped outside of the store since 3:00 AM. I was really shocked, well more power to them (I can't do that, too in love with my bed). Due to being late, I was left with fewer choices, so I ended up only getting 3 t-shirts. Even the shoes were sold out by the time I wanted to buy some stuffs sigh!, you win some you lose some. I'm still happy with my purchases, I can't complain.

This year, I think nude was the new black, but the way these ladies rock their black outfits I disagree. I naturally like wearing black, but it could look dull sometimes, depending on how you accessories. These are a couple of outfits that I found sexy and fierce.

Kourtney Kardashain

Omotola (Nigerian Actress)

Kim Kardashian

I attend a Christian Event at School called "Just Say It". It was quite interesting. There were different performances, but the two that caught my attention was the poetry one of my friends did at the end of the show and a song that was presented by a group of people. It got me smiling all through! :). But the part that got heated up was during the questions and answers session (the guys had different views from the ladies about different situations). It was just fun. Well I decided to wear this outfit because It was easy to put on and comfy.

Striped Dress
Black Leggings
Scarf: Random store from Dubai
All Star Converse
Bag: Bulga

I know its quite early in the morning (or maybe its just me that thinks so), but I was actually up late at night trying to finish an assignment that is due this morning #random, enough about that. I hardly buy boots, but I had my eyes on this boots for a while and I just had to get them, but I would only get the chance to wear it out when my ankle heals. For some reason I feel all badass when I wear them.




Shoe: N.Y.L.A

The best time to be creative is when you can't find something at the last minute!!

I can't wait for the holidays, I need to relax and do nothing else (well eat a good home cooked meal).

Blazer: Le Chateau
Tank Top: H&M
Skirt: SWS
Clutch: Asos
Shoes: Naughty Monkey

Have  a lovely week ahead!!
I went to an Art Gallery this weekend with my friends, It was actually a nice experience. I don't think I have ever been to an art gallery before, but thank God there was a reason to go there, I might have just stayed home. I decided to look cute, here is what I wore.

I really like this picture above.

Hat: Asos
Sweater: my mums a long time ago
Brown shorts
Shoe: forever 21
Bag: Betsey Johnson

Happy New Month!!
The weather is getting a little too cold here, I am not looking foward to winter, but it's beyond my control. I have to prepare for it regardless. I got two new boots (I have been wearing a particular one for a while now). I think they are cute, but you guys can tell me what you think.

80%20 shoe: Suede Shearling Bootie in Grey

80%20 shoe: Melody Perforated in White

I am so happy to be done with my mid-terms and I have been relaxing all weekend, thats why I haven't been posting. The outfit that I'm about to display was what I wore to my friends graduation parties last weekend.

I attended 2 parties (gatherings) that night, I passed out as soon as I got home.

I picked the outfit at the last minute. I just wore a dress I found in my closet and put a black sweater on top of it. The Scarf was tied as a bow to give the outfit a fun look.

Sweater: H&M
Dress: lulu
Green Scarf
Shoe: (random store from Dubai)

I also want to thank Bajan Beauty for giving me an award :).

Have Lovely week ahead!
I am gonna be in a stressed mood next week, I have mid-terms back to back :(. I can't wait to be done with school, its about time. I wore this a few days ago because it was really sunny and I was in the mood to wear a bright color.

I have had this shoe for the longest time and I hardly wear it, I just had to show it some love. :)

Top: Victoria Secret
Blue Jeans
Scarf: (it was a gift)
Shoes: L.A.M.B
Watch: Swatch

Have a lovely week/weekend!!

ps: the winner of the CNS Stores giveaway is number 77 email me with your contacts

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