I got this new boots a couple of days ago and I just had to wear them out. I really like them a lot, but my sis doesnt like it. I just think she is hating!! :).

I went out with a couple of friends to have some drinks and relax. 

My friends kill it as usual. :)
Dress: Banana Republic
shoe: Rosegold
gold clutch
Kisses :)
Its another snowy day and I can't still wait for summer to arrive. I just felt like putting a little something together.
Boots: Bakers
Tights: cant remember
A black sweater
white tank top
Jacket: Baby phat
Bag: Louis Vuitton Mahina XXL

REISS new arrivals for women are awesome, but I am only going to post pictures of the few that I like and I would like to get.

(Jones Double Lapel Jacket )
Color would do you good. 

(Tyson D/B Cropped Jacket)

Its so cute.

(Brook Enamel Chain Clutch)

(Savannah  Lace Mini Skirt)

( Flora Tuck Front Shorts)

(Maddi Chainmail Tee Dress.)

Courtesy of Reiss clothing online.
Hope you love it.

I went to have dinner with two good friends of mine last night. It has been a while since we’ve dressed up and gone out due to our busy schedules.
I decided to only wear pink Mac lipstick (lickable).
I love my tiger studs
I wanted to keep it simple but yet cute and presentable. 
Top: guess
Skirt: forever 21
clutch: Maxx New York Delgrade
shoes: Guess

One of my friends and I ordered strawberry Daiquiris (my favorite).
One of them ordered a pineapple, rice thingy. lol. I was offered some but I declined. I dont mix fruits with hot food. 
Here is my plate, I am done as you can see. It's only the peas and carrots left. :)

It was an interesting night.

see ya!! kisses
I just felt like wearing all black today. I felt a little down, lol. I have the flu and I did not want to go to class on a Friday morning. I haven't worn those Jessica Simpson boots in a while. I'm not her fan but i can't hate on her shoes. :)
I mainly had my winter coat on most on the time. I only took it off when I was in class, but i still felt cute. Hehe.
I just wanted to take a picture of myself :). I don't really dress up when it snows, I mainly focus on keeping warm.

I was looking outside the window from my apartment and I was sad that I had to go to school today. The weather is just horrible. I tried to stay home today, but I just had a lot of things to do. I wish the winter would just go away and let summer take its place.
This is one of my red shoes that I love, it is so sexy. Its just hard to find a red shoe that makes you want to bite your lips.
I love this girl, her outfits always kill it. I wish I could wear some of her clothes :).

White blaze: The Limited, Sequence dress: (cant remember at the moment), clutch: Betsey Johnson, shoes:Paolo, Scarf: (Mums closet)

I was one of the hosts in an event that occurred yesterday called African Union. The show was a success, but I almost didn't know what wear because I only had 20 minutes to get ready. I just decided to wear a sequence dress that has been in my closet for 2 years. For some reason, I decided to wear it when I had little to get ready. I believed it turned out nice.
In this picture i am wearing a Jumpsuit with a pearl neckless and YSL pumps
In this pic is one of my good friends Bola. As you can see, she is looking sexy in her African wear. This pic was taken before we left.

I was just on my way to an award show and i decided to wear a jumpsuit. I never knew that i could pull it off considering my volunptious figure. It looked a little plain to me and i was told a belt might do the trick. But instead of the belt, i chose a pearl neckless just to give it a little umph!! :) and the blue shoes to keep the outfit from looking to dull. I have a nice time at the event. Hope you like the outfit.

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