I went to have dinner with two good friends of mine last night. It has been a while since we’ve dressed up and gone out due to our busy schedules.
I decided to only wear pink Mac lipstick (lickable).
I love my tiger studs
I wanted to keep it simple but yet cute and presentable. 
Top: guess
Skirt: forever 21
clutch: Maxx New York Delgrade
shoes: Guess

One of my friends and I ordered strawberry Daiquiris (my favorite).
One of them ordered a pineapple, rice thingy. lol. I was offered some but I declined. I dont mix fruits with hot food. 
Here is my plate, I am done as you can see. It's only the peas and carrots left. :)

It was an interesting night.

see ya!! kisses


  1. Where are the friends?
    ha b and b disappeared on you

  2. i enjoy your style. very nice!
    check out my blog. i'm now a follower of yours!


  3. Usually I'm not a fan of bronze anything, but you make it work really well! I love this outfit- the belt and skirt are great. You look really nice^^


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