I just got this Michael Kors Hamilton Tote bag, its so cute. It's something that i can use  daily whether dressed up or laidback.
I love the gold chains on the sides.

I think am starting to get a little obsessed with bags, but it can never be more than shoes.

Hi Guys, I hope you had a great weekend!!. I feel so good because I wore my native wear (finally) to a show that took place yesterday in Hamilton. The show was quite interesting, but the long drive was not too pleasant.

This picture was taken before we left for the show.

The thing I like about this dress is the bow :). The dress was a lot bigger (It didn't just look right). So I took it to the tailor to reduce it and I went to buy a black fabric and told them to sew a bow beside the dress. (Actually you can loosen it and tye it anywhere you like on the waist).

That's the squad. :)

 There were a lot of nice performances.
There was also a fashion show.

This was at the end of the show, we were all taking pictures (fun time).
PS: Yours truely won best dressed :). My prize was a gift certificate for H&M.
Dress: My mum/ a nice tailor lady (the bow)
Clutch: Betsey Johnson
Shoe: Bakers
Watch: Dkny.

I know I haven't been here for a while, I have a lot of projects to do because the semester is almost done and I went away for the weekend for an important convention. Lets just say it was life changing, but other than that, I hope you guys had a great week!!! :). I am going to be posting often from now on, but If I know I have a hectic week ahead of me, I will let you know instead of missing for a while. 

 I haven't shown some skin In a while, my legs were begging to breath. lol.

My friend told me that I look like I stole something in this pick lol, which I don't agree with.
 Ok, I know people are mostly using BLACKBERRY or an IPHONE these days, lets just say I can't get enough of my Iphone. I am only going to say this once. (Get on the Iphone tip, Blackberry is old school) if your going to comment on this, please be nice :).

I love this ring, "my engagement ring" (yeah right) not yet time.
Sweater: Banana Republic
Black top
Brown shorts
Boots: Jessica Simpson

I just had my hair done about two days ago and I am really loving it. I had something else in mind (more of a punkish style). But by the time she was done, I could not complain.
The weather today was also perfect, took a little walk to take in some of that good air.

I had to put the sunglasses on, It was too sunny. Its just the way I like it ;).

I hope you guys had a great day!!


I would like to say a huge Thank You to Diva In Deep Thoughts and Bitter Sweet Addictions for giving me a shout out on their blogs. I really appreciate it :). 

Check out their blogs: 

Diva In Deep Thoughts: http://divaindeepthought.blogspot.com/
Bitter Sweet Addictions: http://www.fashionstalker.net/

I just want to say Thank You for those following my blog.
There will be a giveaway when I get to 50. I am quite a generous person. lol. 
Until then, take care and thanks again.

Today is a great day, and I am enjoying every minute so far. 
        Church today was awesome, I had so much fun. I think I was excitied because I haven't really been there for weeks (i don't like waking up early). But I was a little pissed off today because by the time I got there, the parking lot was filled up and I had to park faraway and walk all the way to the front door in my heels.

I didn't really know what to wear, so I put this outift together. I think it looked cute. 
I wish I could tell you the funny story behind this picture. My sister helped me take all the pics this morning and she gave me a really hard time. lol. But it was fun, we had laughs (bending to take the shoes was not funny for her) lol.

Sweater: modcloth
Black pencil skirt
Clutch: Betsey Johnson
Shoe: L.a.m.b
This week, I've been catching up with highschool longtime friends, my best friends, loved ones and chilling with my girls here in Canada (but it's sad we don't chill as often as before due to our schedules). All the talking and chatting I had with them made me realize the wonderful friends that I have. They are part of the reason why I feel that my Life is almost perfect. They are just some of the blessings in my life, and it got me thinking about a  lot of things. They always have my back and help me out when I feel I am confused about certain Issues. Althought some of them are faraway, they still seem close by. As for my parents, I believe I have the coolest, chill and most awesome parents ever. They are too understanding, they never stress me out and support me in whatever I do, and I have come to a place in my life where I can tell my mum anything and she advices me (your mum is the best person to ask for advice). I am just thankful for everything!! :) 

But, what I would like to share today is that one should never take life or people around you for granted. There will be ups and downs, but just see the downside as an experience, lesson or a way to let you know that something greater and better is waiting for you ahead. Also one should definitely keep family close, because no matter what, your family will always have your back.

         Life is never perfect, so do not look at anyone's life and wish you were in their shoes because you can never tell what they are going through. Just live life and be true to yourself.    

Don't be like those who don't know they have it good until it's taken away from them.

Have a blessed day
 I went to a show with a couple of friends yesterday. It was a fashion show and we got in for free :). I can't complain at all. I didn't want to dress too formal because I didn't know the dress code. So I went with a simple look, but with not so high heels to make the outfit stand out a bit. (wanted to be comfortable in my shoes)
 I did a mohawk, but I don't think you can see it. 
I felt like wearing a bright colour because I felt so happy for some reason, so I had to show it in my outfit.
I realized that I hardly wear this shoe. Now that I think about it, they are really cute :)
Dark blue leather jacket
Pink jeans
Tank top: Marciano
Shoes: Via Spiga
Sunglasses: Cazal 852

I know I havent been posting much but I have been so busy this week, I can't wait for the weekend to arrive. The weather these days has been great. I would say It's been sunny and Quite cool for now. I hope it stays like this for a long time.
I was enjoying the weather before class and decided to take some pictures. (My friend took this pic without me knowing. I was actually laughing at something she said) I guess it turned out alright. 
 I took a picture of my shoes because they were hidden by the sun.
Hope you guys have a great day like I did. 
Pants: Guess
Vest: Wet Seal
White top
Shoes: Converse all star
Sunglasses: Marc Jacob
Blue scarf 

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