I just had my hair done about two days ago and I am really loving it. I had something else in mind (more of a punkish style). But by the time she was done, I could not complain.
The weather today was also perfect, took a little walk to take in some of that good air.

I had to put the sunglasses on, It was too sunny. Its just the way I like it ;).

I hope you guys had a great day!!



  1. love the hair and i know what you mean with the great weather. im from nj and when we hear 60 degress in winter we throw a party lol and the outfit in your last blog was very cute =] im your new follower

  2. short hair is so chic. Great cut

    -Silvia Couture

  3. hey i like the cut...you could really see the shape of it in the last pic..cute!

  4. love your hair, you look so cute :)

    feel free to follow and link me.
    let me know ya.


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