I feel blessed

This week, I've been catching up with highschool longtime friends, my best friends, loved ones and chilling with my girls here in Canada (but it's sad we don't chill as often as before due to our schedules). All the talking and chatting I had with them made me realize the wonderful friends that I have. They are part of the reason why I feel that my Life is almost perfect. They are just some of the blessings in my life, and it got me thinking about a  lot of things. They always have my back and help me out when I feel I am confused about certain Issues. Althought some of them are faraway, they still seem close by. As for my parents, I believe I have the coolest, chill and most awesome parents ever. They are too understanding, they never stress me out and support me in whatever I do, and I have come to a place in my life where I can tell my mum anything and she advices me (your mum is the best person to ask for advice). I am just thankful for everything!! :) 

But, what I would like to share today is that one should never take life or people around you for granted. There will be ups and downs, but just see the downside as an experience, lesson or a way to let you know that something greater and better is waiting for you ahead. Also one should definitely keep family close, because no matter what, your family will always have your back.

         Life is never perfect, so do not look at anyone's life and wish you were in their shoes because you can never tell what they are going through. Just live life and be true to yourself.    

Don't be like those who don't know they have it good until it's taken away from them.

Have a blessed day


  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    velma we love u too
    still waiting on my donation though
    all this talk no money action

  2. lol, until i see the proof that there is also donations towards my camera.

  3. velma let GOD (shouting it like the man on BET) move u

  4. Your right, family should always be kepts close and people should stop taking thing for granted.

  5. I love these pictures !
    The red bow is FANTASTIC !

  6. Gorgeous - love this! Classic stripes with the fabulous red - you look great girl :)

  7. Very cute outfit, loving the shoes


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