My Native Wear

Hi Guys, I hope you had a great weekend!!. I feel so good because I wore my native wear (finally) to a show that took place yesterday in Hamilton. The show was quite interesting, but the long drive was not too pleasant.

This picture was taken before we left for the show.

The thing I like about this dress is the bow :). The dress was a lot bigger (It didn't just look right). So I took it to the tailor to reduce it and I went to buy a black fabric and told them to sew a bow beside the dress. (Actually you can loosen it and tye it anywhere you like on the waist).

That's the squad. :)

 There were a lot of nice performances.
There was also a fashion show.

This was at the end of the show, we were all taking pictures (fun time).
PS: Yours truely won best dressed :). My prize was a gift certificate for H&M.
Dress: My mum/ a nice tailor lady (the bow)
Clutch: Betsey Johnson
Shoe: Bakers
Watch: Dkny.



  1. i like ur friend with the long hair she is really pretty

  2. cute dress...and it looks awesome with the bow...:)

    xox valerie

  3. @MizzGoneGaGa......ur silly..luv ur blog hun!!

  4. wow you ladies look gorgeous! I love your dress, it's really cute!

  5. your dress is so pretty and the bow idea just made it so happy you won!!

  6. LOVE your dress its so different and cute!!

  7. so cute!! your dress is great! Hope you are having a nice week! Have a great day!

  8. I love the dress and congrats on winning.

  9. thanks, i guess the bow did its work (for cuteness) :)

  10. Helloo I loved your's so beatiful!

    Kisses from Portugal

  11. Love your dress with the bow. U look great!

  12. you look fabulous in that dress!


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