Shoes are like people.
They can be warm,
They can be cold,
Or blue, or green,
Or red or old
They may be new
Like a fresh spring day
And some of them...well, smell
And make you turn away
Some shoes have heels,
And some are flat
Some even have installed lights,
What's up with that?
Some shoes are lazy, cheerful and fun,
Yet there are those that like to run.
Some like to dress-up and dance away the night
And aggressive shoes are made to fight.
Some shoes are popular,
Some are cute and sweet,
There are those that look like candy,
But they are not to eat.
They may be queer in colour,
Or have a little lace
Some shoes come with a zipper
Or Velcro on their face.
Most shoes have an expression:
A smile, a frown, a wink,
And some are sad and dirty,
Waiting by the sink.
I know a pair that's different
And I don't really know
They told me they were meant
For skiing down the snow.
Some shoes are very useful,
And some get tired soon
Some shoes are truly wild,
For walking on the moon!
Some shoes are very talkative,
And some of them untied,
But most shoes are like people,
And I am all of them combined. 
(Shoes by Renie Pliner)
 Betsey Johnson
The weather these past few days have been really hot. But I can't complain, I prefer it to the cold weather.

As you guys know, florals are in this summer. So I added this pink skirt to my floral collection. 

I actually got this purse from Asos last summer. I really like it a lot and its my first time wearing it (I've been going out with it for the past few days now. 

Yehhh!! I'm finally wearing the CL.

I don't know what happened to this picture, but I think its still ok (i guess). The red lip chair that i'm sitting on is my favorite chair.
Shirt: Kitson
Skirt: Urban behaviour
Purse: Asos
Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Have a great weekend!! 

Kisses :D  

I am wearing a black and white dress that my mum bought for me a longtime ago. 

Today was quite a chill day, nothing really to write about. Except for the fact that there was a huge fog this morning. 

Hey guys, I just added Bloglovin on the sidebar "show me some love :)".

Thanks guys for all the support, hope your having a great sunday :).

Dress: present from mum
Clutch: Asos
Shoe: Carvela
Watch: Guess
Ring: Aldo
Hey guys, hope your having a great week. I got CL platform sandals a couple of days ago. They are really cute.

This is my fair white shoe since I was 8 or 9.I just had to have it. 

Even Pinky wanted a piece of them.

She couldn't get enough.

She's so photogenic. lol
 I can't wait to wear it out and pair it up with one of my outfits and post it. Until then.....
Pinky says bye bye!!
This is just one of those casual days my friends and I decided to go check out a couple of stores.
We hadn't gone shopping for a while.
 As you can see, everyone was looking laidback. I just wore a t-shirt with a red scarf around my neck with tights, and a hat.
 Also my Converse.
 My friend Mofe and I wore grey hats :). She looked cute in her blue top and Jeggings.
There's my girl Bola looking all cool in her brown jacket (I really like it, I think its cool). 
 Look at the Camera!!
 Here are my purchases, I believe they are money well spent. I got them from Aldo and Urban Behaviour. 3 rings and 3 earrings (i'm in love with the blue ring and the flower studs).
I hope my Sweethearts are having a great weekend, see ya later!!

This was the outfit I wore to the airport, these pictures were taken 20 minutes before I left.
I wasn't too happy when I was leaving, was already missing home.
 I got the top somewhere in England a longtime ago.
I was in the mood for a head shot. 
I hope you guys are  having a great week  :)

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A couple of days ago, a friend and I went to get some sugar in our system and to hangout together for a bit.
We went to this place called Ice cream factory. So I took a couple of pics.

Hope you guys don't get the sugar rush. lol
Some Ice cream.
I picked up a brownie on my way out.
 That's my friend Temi :), i call her tey tey. 
 That's us.

I had a waffle with white chocolate strawberry swirl. (the waffle tasted so good).
Tey Tey. (don't mind the constructions).
That's me
Top: from my sis
Pants: jeggings
Shoes: Matiko
Bag: Coach
Tank Top: Marciano

Ps: Im back in Canada, will post what I wore to the airport later.
Hope you guys had a great day.

Hi!! Hope you guys are having as much fun this holdiay as I am. I actually tried to take some shots of the scenery, I hope you like them.
Obviously!! I had to give you guys a little of me. :)
Hehe!! did I look cute :D
I took these pics a couple of  days ago. This is in (Lagos, Nigeria).
The rest were taken today.
 Some canoes on the river.

I also went to some places today, will post them later.

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