A Good Bargain!!

Hey sweethearts, I have been so busy. But I have something to share with you ladies. I noticed how a couple of girls liked my Carvela shoes, so I wanted to give you guys some good info. I got them in England a while ago, so I will show you where you can purchase them if your in England and I will show you a cheaper one if it isn't on your price range :).


 British Pounds: 120
American dollars: 176
Canadian dollars: 182
Naira (Nigerian Currency): 26,633
The store I got it from click here they can only ship to england, but you can head to the store when you get there or ask a friend to buy it and ship it to you.

Colin Stuart
British pounds= 65
Canadian dollars= 68
American dollars= 65
Naira= 9765
You can get it from click here 
They ship international :).

If you guys want some things that you would like me to post on my blog,  you can email me (my email is on the side bar) or write it when you make comments. 
Hope you guys are having a great week, I will soon do an outfit post. Love ya !!



  1. Great post! What a savings with the Colin Stuarts!

  2. I actually prefer the cheaper shoes! I own a pair of Carvela boots and they were a waste of money. Not a fan at all!! Love the metallic pink though :) xo


  3. great post! thanks for sharing <3

  4. I prefer Colin Stuart :)
    it's beautiful!! :)

  5. Love the first pair of Carvela shoes. That colour is lovely.:)SarahD



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