Hey guys, If you're following me on Twitter, you will find out that I am actually on my way to Dubai :D. I am excited because I haven't been there before. A little of Sex and the City motivated this trip, eventhough that was not their destination.
Passport, Nitendo DSi, Ipod touch, Iphone, LV wallet, my car and house key (i always take it everywhere with me), a mint bubble gum and my LV bag.
These are what I have in my bag for now (I normally add a few extra things before heading to the airport).

A little inspiration

One problem I normally have when I travel is not holding my camera. I am just into the shopping that i forget to take lovely pictures. But since I have a blog now, I'll try and hold it as much as possible.

See you SweetHearts in a Week!!
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Have a great week. Kisses!!

Dress: Banana Republic
Ring: Aldo
Shoe: Aldo
Bag: Bulgar Garcon Large

Hey guys, My Birthday was yesterday, It was a great day for me. I finally found out how I wanted my cake to look like. I hope you guys like it.

I went for the "gift box" look. I think its really cute :).

I didn't expect the extra details on the "ribbon icing" I thought it was quite cool of them. All I can say is "the cake was amazing". It was 14 inches of perfection, my friends and family loved it.

I was a little sad yesterday because I am not really expecting much on my bday because it's gonna be a really busy day. But I feel quite happy and chill today. I guess part of it is being able to experience another year in this world with people that I love. Life is a precious gift, so when your feeling down on your birthday, just remember not everyone has a chance to experience one (especially with people they know that love them).

I hope you guys have a great weekend :).

There is really no place like home. There is always so much food, that you could get tired of eating (or could you? hmmm). I just wanted to post a few of what I had lately for the past few days.

(Boiled potatoes with turkey, fish and stew)

Potatoes: they are boiled, then fried for a little bit
 Fish: is boiled with (any of your favourite seasonings)
Turkey: boil the turkey first (with some seasonings) then you fry it for that juicy taste :D
Stew: blend tomatoes with onions. Cook it until it almost looks dry in the pot. Then you add tomato paste, more onions (if you want), garlic, little oil, know cubes and bay life. Cook it for a while and you're done.

(Corned beef Spagehtti with Turkey)

Spaghetti: boil it with butter or a hint of oil so that they don't stick.
Corned Beef: fry it for a bit (you could add carrots or vegetables) then add it to the spaghetti when it's almost done. Then cook it for a while.
Turkey: boil the turkey (with seasoning of your choice), then fry it.

(Fired potato with meat and egg)

Potato: slice them up, put little salt and then fry it in lots of oil.
Meat: boil it first (with seasons of your choice), then fry it.
Egg: slice up as much tomatoes and onions as you want (little is preferred). Then put little oil in the pan, then fry the tomato and onions for a bit. Then you mix you egg with know cube, tyme, curry and a hint of pepper. Then pour it into the pan and let it fry till it's done. 


I wore this outfit a couple of days ago, it was actually a fun and suprising day and a lot of food was involved ( i passed out when i got home) lol.

I love this picture (above) a lot. I look like I have achieved a lot in life so far :) (or someone famous).

The suprise I got on that day is this lovely ring below, its so beautiful.

White Top
Shorts: Asos
Purse: Aldo
Necklace: Le chateau
Shoes: Matiko

Hope you guys have a great week ahead.

Hi Guys, I'm sorry I have been M.I.A for a bit. My Birthday Is coming up next week sunday and I don't have a design for my cake and at least they will need sometime to make it. I will show you my previous cakes. (I just want something different).

My Bday Cake two years ago

The top: chocolate, the middle: cheese cake, the bottom: vanilla sponge cake. (Just to meet everyone's needs)

My cake last year

(this picture was taken in a hotel room, incase your wondering what a bed is doing there)
Please Ignore the shoe, the baker got carried away. lol.
The top was chocolate and the bottom was vanilla.

As you guys can see, its quite similar, but different designs. Hopefully I can come up with something better. (At the same time i have no idea for what to do on my birthday). Oooo well, until then.

So for the first time in a looooong time, I had the best flight ever. I didn't have to rush to check in, didn't tear my slippers because I went to the wrong gate (or the gate was closing), or having to carry a heavy hand luggage, it felt so good.

I started Off with one of my favorite drinks "strawberry daquiries"

Then I had a really sexy meal :)

I spent a night in a hotel close to the airport because I leave pretty far from the airport. I just wanted to wake up fresh and head to the airport when its time to check in.

I wore this black cardigan I got from H&M a longtime ago to bring out my shape (you know I love my curves :D). Then again, the dress would have been plain without it. The Necklace was to give it a more classy look.

I love this ring, if your interested (I got it from maxandchloe.com)

My Lovely Sis

She wore this Necklace that you don't normally see. She has a lot of cool stuff that I wanna take from her. lol

Blue Maxi Dress
Cardigan: H&M
Shoes: Melissa Marine


I'm packing for a trip back home, will be heading in a couple of days. I just can't stay away from home for so many reasons :). will keep you guys posted on what I will be wearing to the airport. Hope you guys are having a great week!!

I had a game night two days ago at my place, It was so much fun. There was so much food, games and lots of laughs.

My sister gave me this dress, she got it a while back and decided to give it to me to wear for the event.

Hope you guys have a fun weekend.

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