You Gotta Eat

There is really no place like home. There is always so much food, that you could get tired of eating (or could you? hmmm). I just wanted to post a few of what I had lately for the past few days.

(Boiled potatoes with turkey, fish and stew)

Potatoes: they are boiled, then fried for a little bit
 Fish: is boiled with (any of your favourite seasonings)
Turkey: boil the turkey first (with some seasonings) then you fry it for that juicy taste :D
Stew: blend tomatoes with onions. Cook it until it almost looks dry in the pot. Then you add tomato paste, more onions (if you want), garlic, little oil, know cubes and bay life. Cook it for a while and you're done.

(Corned beef Spagehtti with Turkey)

Spaghetti: boil it with butter or a hint of oil so that they don't stick.
Corned Beef: fry it for a bit (you could add carrots or vegetables) then add it to the spaghetti when it's almost done. Then cook it for a while.
Turkey: boil the turkey (with seasoning of your choice), then fry it.

(Fired potato with meat and egg)

Potato: slice them up, put little salt and then fry it in lots of oil.
Meat: boil it first (with seasons of your choice), then fry it.
Egg: slice up as much tomatoes and onions as you want (little is preferred). Then put little oil in the pan, then fry the tomato and onions for a bit. Then you mix you egg with know cube, tyme, curry and a hint of pepper. Then pour it into the pan and let it fry till it's done. 



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