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Hey guys, this week has just been a crazy one for me. I realized that my right ankle is not in a good shape, so i am told to stay away from heels for a while and i have had a bandage on my leg for a couple of days now. I hope to get better soon "a girl can't live without her heels :(" . But I'm going to examine it as soon as I get back to Canada, then I would know the next step to take for the healing to take place. :)

Well, enough of the sad news!! I wanted to share another designer with you guys. She is from South Africa and her work is very creative with some use of African fabric. check it out:

Childrens Collection

To check out more of her collections (click here)



  1. absolutely love the second dress!

    nice post and i hope your ankle gets better.

    Canada? free ins? = awesomeness!


  2. oomg! I love it especially the print dress w.the other colors under! AWESOME designer and the child collection is so cute! :D

  3. gorgeous collection but mehn the hair is crazy.
    get well soon love :)

  4. omg, I love the dresses! Beautiful work. :) The leopard one is so sexyy! I'm short so probably could never look good on me unless I have long legs, haha! But fabulous!

    xoxo- Angela

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  6. i strangely love the wedding dress, all though the bottom looks like it got shredded somehow . its so hot

    and i love your title photo, that red bow totally reminds me of blair waldorf from gossip girl

    xoxox teresa

  7. SIMPLY FABULOUS! check on my blog and feel free to follow me, I'm following you. I would love if we could follow each other, ohh and if you have twitter you can add me too or facebook . I would be so glad.
    ♥, Jo

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  9. johanna you've been followed!

    My twitter is

    add me on there.. and Marianne if you have twitter pls follow me also and i'll reciprocate!


  10. really love the second dress, so striking!


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