My Hotel Room

Hey sweethearts, I know I'm suppose to stay away from blogging until I get back home, but I couldn't. I just wanted to do a post before the vacation comes to an end.
The first day of the trip was a little exhausting and annoying (my ears were blocked from landing the plane), so I was just looking foward to a nice hot shower and a beauty sleep. But when I got to the hotel and opened the door to my room, I woke up a bit lol. It is the biggest hotel room that I have ever stayed in that was actually booked for me. Well, after looking around, I went straight to bed. I guess I was just too tired to be excited for too long :).

The Hotel is JW Marriot.



  1. wow nice room! nothing better than living nice for a while, we all work hard for it. im on vacay too and still blogging lol are you traveling for fun?

  2. yes I am, needed a different environment (I guess blogging can be added to part of our addictions) lol

  3. Crap! i thot was the first to see this
    miss u sooooooooooooooo much hun
    n ur room looks proper nice

  4. Hehe, miss you so much too hun!!. we should really book a time when everyone is free and do the 4way calling thing. :D

    Honey B!! lol

  5. Wow:) The room is just amazing:))

  6. thank you for your nice comment.

    Wow, that is a great room. I am jealouse :)

  7. wish we could be there too!
    not for the luxury
    but because you are there
    miss u
    enjoy cos am not gonna get this mushy again

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  9. I love Dubai! I know you are having a blast...I had the opportunity to visit for 6 weeks back in 2004 we stayed at the Taj Palace. Needless to say I didn't want to leave. But it was a great experience. Enjoy your trip!

  10. @MizzGoneGaGa: this brings tears to the eyes :.D. don't worry i will enjoy every bit while it last. miss u guyz too!!

    Mizzgonegaagaaaaaaa! (would have yeld out your real name) lol.

    @Bajan Beauty: thanks sweety!

  11. It's massive! I always stay in tiny little rooms :p

  12. NICE! I'm living vicariously through you right now. Have fun and can't wait to hear more updates!!

  13. would it b bad if i said i hate u a lil right now? LOL
    when r u gettin ur ass baq here? wee miss u!!!!

  14. Great post!
    Really love your images also, so much inspiration.
    Will be back for more, your posts are so cool i even
    went back to look at your older ones.

    Hope you can check out mine, i think you'd like it :)

  15. Thanksfor the comment on my blog! Was sweet of you.
    I love stopping at hotels and i'm getting really excited about goin away nxt month now!


  16. Holy Crap that hotel rooms bigger than my apartment, lol - looks amazing. x

  17. OMG that is top queen like just FAB hotel room...I have no words uhm very beautiful.

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