Under the sea (Dubai part 1)

Hey guys, I hope you had a great weekend. I'm finally done with my holiday and I am back in Nigeria for a couple of weeks (before my summer is over). I'm gonna be posting some of what I did on my vacay in Dubai. Hope you like the pictures.
This picture was taken at the Dubai Mall. It is really huge, with about a thousand shops.

They had a huge Aquarium at the mall (I find that quite cool)

This was my favorite fishy :)

This picture was taken after a long day (don't judge me :( )

Isn't this beautiful.

This fish looks like an old man.

So, enough about fishes, there was a cute restaurant at the mall too. Stopped for a drink.

I wore my sunglasses to take the picture because I looked really tired. It was time to head home.

Dinner at the hotel before hitting the sack.
More pictures to come.



  1. A long white dress is the perfect outfit for shopping in Dubai. Great choice!

  2. hmmmm yummy food :D

    hope you had a great time xx

  3. looks like fun, love ur dress, love love it
    n yummy looking food too :)

  4. awesome dress!! we just learned about dubai in class! your so lucky :)

  5. Aww you are having fun, your dress is sexy, perfect for your vacation..send me some food. Muah! Have all the fun you can dearie...aww

  6. Wow I would LOVEEE to visit Dubai very lucky as a young woman to be well travelled.

  7. Very nice dress and the pop of red from the purse is a great addition!

  8. that mall reminds me of Mall of America in Minneapolis where I used to live. It oooonly had 500 shops though;) But also an amusment park and an aquarium!

  9. sounds like you had an amazing time! lovely pictures! :)

    monica xxx

  10. thank you girl! you are so lucky, Dubai is amazing! That aquarium is wonderful!

  11. Awesome blog very cute. please follow me
    thanks xoxo

  12. Dubai look like a great place to visit, love the pictures

  13. Hi Baby gal..love your blog..love love love it.can u believe am here in a small country Uganda and l can so access your Blog.
    l like fashion etc..but l just havent got into posting my pictures...your have seriously inspired..am so happy.


  14. Where did you get that beautiful white dress.


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