Another School Year

Hi sweethearts, I know I have been abscent (I apologize). I have been focusing on my leg, chillin with the girls and getting ready for school.
Today was the first day of school, it went better than I expected (I can't complain about it). This was what I wore to school today.

I love this button (I will do a post later about the creator)

I don't know why, but I like the back of the dress.

I miss wearing heels, playing (jumping around, and walking without feeling pain)

My books in my bag and I am ready for whatever the year brings.

Dress: Urban Behaviour
Black Tights
Black Top
Watch: Swatch
Bag: Coach
Shoes: Tory Burch

Have a blessed weekened!!



  1. I love your look back to school :)

  2. back to school
    haha i laugh
    no class till monday
    u know I loves u long time

  3. That outfit was perfect for back to school! Super cute dress!!

  4. i had surgery on both of my ankles a few years ago...worst part was the few months of recovery afterward!

    cute 1st day outfit! and thanks for your comment = ]

    tell us what classes you have?

  5. I love those shoes, I have seen them on a lot of people, they look fabulous. nice outfit! xo

  6. love the tory burch flats!

  7. I LOVE THE BUTTON!!! Where did you get it?? OMG I have someone that would love it too!!

  8. ey ! u look really nice! and very happy . enjoy ur classes.

    i´ll be back soon!! =) kisses


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