I love picking out clothes last minute, my outlook turns out interesting. I wore a dress T-shirt with my jeggings and added a blazer because it looked a little plane. I also could have worn  flats with the outfit, but I had these boots just staring at me and I thought it could make the look a little edgy.

A great way to go about your day and its really comfortable.

Love my boots :)

Blazer: Le chateau
T-shirt dress
Black jeggins
Boots: Steve Madden
Watch: Michael Kors

Hope you guys have a great weekend ahead!

We just had to say a resounding “THANK YOU!” for last month. Our May marche was absolutely amazing! Everyone had a wonderful time and people were able to get their shopping done while hanging out with friends amidst music, drinks, and a whole lot of fun! Please look out for pictures from the event as well as our LPM Documentary. YES! The LPM documentary for the December Grande Marche is ready, and we wanted to share it with you! It shows the fashion event and market proper, as well as the model casting and other bits that went into creating the December event.

Now, to this month.

This June, your premier fashion & lifestyle market will be held at the SILVERBIRD GALLERIA!!!In preparation for the ‘revolution’ that we will be bringing your way in the coming months, we at LPM have decided to join forces with Nigeria’s foremost entertainment collective to transform and enhance your summer shopping experience. The Silverbird Galleria is home to the widest range of entertainment in the country, offering you a combo of movies, restaurants, gaming for the kids, and this month, LPM!!!
So, come Sunday 26th of June, the atrium of the Galleria will be ‘ground zero’ for the June dose of everyone’s favorite vice!
For enquiries, kindly send an email to info@lpmnigeria.com. We look forward to seeing you!!!

This month's vendors:Cam Cam Sweeties, JJ Arts & Craft, PoloCity, Fifemayo, NS1463, La’Tush, Virtue by FocusWear, Na’Tees, Beadazzle Accessories, Retrospective, Biddy’s Mondo, Aurora Collection, Llanis, Phoenix Online Clothing, Republic of Foreigner, Y. Craig, DivaNista, Prima Rouge, H.O.M.E. Designs, Oyanj Lingerie, Eznira Couture, Kuddy Cosmetics, Marayaho, Rouge Vallari, Jennie Loof, La Bennis

Also, tickets for Music Meets Runway (hosted by Amber Rose) holding on the 9th of July at the Eko Hotel & Suites, will be sold at LPM this Sunday.
LPM June 2011
Sunday 26th June 2011
Venue: Silverbird Galleria, Ahmadu Bello, Victoria Island, Lagos.
Time: 12 Noon – 7pm

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My friends and I had our graduation last week thursday. It was a day filled with mixed feelings, especially from our parents.

An Amazing day

Now we are all looking forward to new and better things!


This is the first time I'm wearing heels for more than 30mins in a while. I love these shoes, they got a lot of attention (atleast more than I expected). I know Its not the most flattering picture, but this was the best I could take. A full outfit post will be coming soon with the story behind the shoes.

It feels good to be back to blogging. I have been so busy for the past few weeks/days, I havent really had much time to take pictures and my photographer (MY SISTER) Is on a little vacay at the moment (I need one myself). But the days I've been absent has been fun, stressful, memorable, tiring and amazing at the same time. I'm glad I'm now on a steady pace :).

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