These days I've been spotting myself purchasing long flowy dresses. They are really comfortable to wear and they mostly look pretty.

Hope you all had a great weekend
I look a little tired in the pictures, I had to wake up early in the morning to escort my dad somewhere.

I can't wait for the raining season to be over, it rained so heavly today. It's hard to really move around sometimes when it rains during the day. It's better in the night, that way I sleep like a baby :).

Outfit post coming soon

I took this picture of my friend while she came to visit Nigeria. I do miss my friends in Canada, but I know we will all meet someday again :).
Bola wore this loose and flowy H&M dress on our day out. She also added a platform sandal to her outfit to make it look less simple.

I loved how it was short in the front and long at the back.

Ps: My Camera is back :)

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