Christmas and New Year are around the corner, and I am very sure that a couple of you guys are going to be attending an event or party to celebrate the season.
I would love to countdown to the New Years from the 22nd of December showcasing my lovely readers party outfit for the season. I would love to see your style. so please if your interested, email your outfit photo to

Email your Photos before the 22nd
Your Name
2 - 3 shots of the outfit.
Name of the brands you are wearing (it is not necessary, but would be appreciated)

Lets go into the New Year in Style ;)

I have always admired her style from Gossip Girl, not only is she beautiful, but she has a great style outside of GG.



Red Carpet


I'm sure a couple of you might think pink is my favorite color, but its nots anymore (it still hunts me). I just grabbed a couple of pink outfits last month, it wasn't intentional. But enough about that, last week was filled with a lot of renovations in the house, so I was a little occupied. The curtain behind me is actually part of the new look my room was given. My mum loves interior design that she changes the house, after every few years to keep it looking new and different. I must say that I am loving the new look, a little different from what I am used to. Here is a link of the color of my old room's curtain and carpet Click Here

I was told to attend an event this sunday at a short notice, and I didn't really have time to go shopping for a dress. So I decided to go through my clothes carefully to hopefully find a dress that would fit the occassion. I tried on a few dresses for my mum, and she chose the dress I wore today. I must say that I could not agree more with her choice.

What do you thing about the outfit?

Dress: French Connection
Gold Ring (can't remember the name for now)
Purse: Tasha
Shoes: Via Spiga

Hey guys if your into cooking or making some sweet pastries, this is the blog to check out.

The owner of the blog is a friend of mine who can really cook. I know I have tasted her banana bread and it was on point.

Here is a picture of a few cupcakes she made not so long ago.

This picture turns on my sweet tooth

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