End The Year with Fashionistas

Christmas and New Year are around the corner, and I am very sure that a couple of you guys are going to be attending an event or party to celebrate the season.
I would love to countdown to the New Years from the 22nd of December showcasing my lovely readers party outfit for the season. I would love to see your style. so please if your interested, email your outfit photo to velmalicious@gmail.com

Email your Photos before the 22nd
Your Name
2 - 3 shots of the outfit.
Name of the brands you are wearing (it is not necessary, but would be appreciated)

Lets go into the New Year in Style ;)


  1. I'm going to definitely be a part of this!! :)

  2. My pictures are never really good because i lack an awesome camera and its freezing so i can't take photos outdoors!
    But i'll try emailing you some pictures.

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