The Music Meets Runway occurred on the 24th of December, it was a really nice show as different designers came out to showcase their collections. The host for the day was no other than Millen Magese, who is an International Model and former Miss Tanzania. Her looked so stunning with her legs for days, I loved each and everyone one of her outfits.

 Here are the pictures of what she wore:

Isn't She gorgeous!

I can't believe 2012 will be over to night, I can't wait to see what awaits me and my family for 2013. See you all in 2-0-1-3 :D

I wish you all an amazing Christmas!! 
Remember its all about spending it with the ones you love


Hello Guys, I had to take a little break from blogging. My wedding was on Dec 1, and I had to have some time off with the hubby :). We had fun on the day, but the process for the preparations were not as smooth as I would have liked it to be (every bride has her story) lol. But we thank God for a successful ceremony and pray his blessings follow us through are Union.

I haven't received any of the pictures yet of my Engagement and wedding, when they do come out, I'll let my lovely readers know.

I just want to say a Big Thank You for being patient with me, ,Love you guys :) 

I have been a little too busy to blog, due to preparing for the big day, and also resting (I really value my rest lol). As the days are getting closer I'm excited and panicking a little, hoping both days go as planned. So as you all know, I love shoes, so I had to really look for the shoes to wear on my wedding day especially. I am just going to show a sneak peek of both shoe. Let me know what you think.

Wedding Shoes

My wedding is basically a flower theme, so I tried to make sure it also shows in what I wear from my shoe to my dress (which I'll reveal after the big day).

Sneak Peek

Shoe: Brian Atwood

Shoe for the reception when I get tired of wearing heels

Shoe: Salvatore Ferragamo

Traditional Wedding Shoe

Before the white wedding, the traditional wedding has to take place. This is the traditional part of the wedding process which is part of the Nigerian culture. It's different from the white wedding because the bride and groom have to dress in their native attire  Also, it is when the brides dawry is paid. It's going to be a Yoruba wedding because that's where my Fiance is from, so I'm going to leave my Igbo Heritage as a Madubuko and automatically become a Yoruba bride as Mrs Williams.  In our culture, this ceremony is more important that the Church wedding.

Sneak Peek

Shoe: Christian Louboutin

It goes without saying that we aren’t all quite like Carrie Bradshaw. Not every girl has a wardrobe packed full of Louboutins and we don’t all spend every month’s pay packet on our dream set of Manolo Blahniks. However, no matter how laid back your attitude is to footwear, there are some basics no one can afford not to own.  From professional, corporate attire to beach sandals, clubbing high heels to winter boots, these are the shoes we just can’t live without:

1. Ballet Flats

The classic ballet flat should never be underestimated. Comfortable, affordable and easy to match with a range of outfits, the ballet flat is a footwear essential. Try to find some flats of decent quality that don’t look like they’ll fall apart at the first sign of wet weather. Also, don’t always stick to plain old black. A pair of red ballet flats is a great option that adds a bit of colour to a black or navy outfit.

2. Winter Boots

Winter means puddles, snow and generally chilly weather. A must-have addition to every girl’s wardrobe is a pair of well-made leather boots. Brown leather knee-high boots can be perfectly paired with jeans and a coat for a subtly elegant look, whilst a funky pair of ankle boots is great combined with skinny jeans or leggings and a tunic.

3. Summer Sandals

Summer time means more open styled shoes. Unless you’re wearing a bikini and are physically on the beach, try not to be tempted by flip fops. They might seem like a comfortable option but they don’t stand up to much walking and, once scuffed, risk looking a little scruffy. Instead, opt for a well-fitted gladiator sandal.

4. High Heels

Everyone needs at least one pair of high heels to wear on a night out. These can be in a classic black or, better yet, can add a bit of colour with a Pair of silver shoes (click here). Always opt for a comfortable heel and never try to walk in a heel that feels too big for you, as chances are you won’t last the night.

5. Running Shoes

Finally, every girl needs a solid pair of running shoes – and not owning a nice pair just becomes one more excuse not to exercise! Good ankle balance and a strong arch support is just the sort of thing to hit the pavement and get jogging again. 

If your not the type to care about trends and all, this is the one to look into. Prints are the in thing now. This is my favorite trend because I am in love with colors. It is timeless and it will always come back in style.
It's perfect for the sunny weather, and can go from day to night and you are sure to attract the right attention on you.

What's your take on this trend?

Last week Saturday was really an interesting day, My Fiance and I only planned to go to an event we were invited to, and some how, we found ourselves caught up in a couple of things, to the point we had to go somewhere at the end of the day to chill due to all the running around. But it was a fun day, we got back home pretty late (tired). Anyway before I bore you, this was what I wore. we have to dress up for the event, but I wanted to wear something that was comfortable and a little simple yet chic. I'm so happy I brought my flats with me, because I really do not know how I would have lasted the whole day in those heels.

It was so windy, I would hardly keep a straight face.

This is how the neck is suppose to look like, but the wind made it look all crazy. 

Blazer: Le Chaetu
Top: H&M Lavin 
Leggings: Asos
Bag: DVF
Shoe: Giambattia Valli


My Country is 52 years today, and unfortunately, I don't really have a green outfit to wear (which is actually weird), so I decided to go back and combine some of my clothes I have worn that has a hint of green, just to celebrate the day. I love my country and I know we would get better as the years go by.


I'm sure some of my readers that have followed my blog for a while now would know that I love to incorporate different colors in my style. This is one of the reasons why I am posting House of Nwocha's 2012 collection, known to be owned by a Nigerian designer. It's such a colorful line and  the collection basically fits one's everyday routine. Also not only would you feel free going about your daily duties, but will also look cute and get a lot of attention with the colors and patterns. I also like their concept, its really simple and cute.

Have you had those Sundays were you really don't know what to wear to church? As for me, this last Sunday was one of them. I woke looking for what to wear and nothing came in my mind. I was really worried because I can't miss church because I don't know what to wear (that would be crazy), so I just decided to wear one of my maxi dresses I normally wear out to go chill or a quick outing with friends and just paired in up with a blazer (A blazer is your best friend). It actually worked out better than I expected, and just to give it a pop of color, I decided to wear my J.crew necklace I bought a few weeks ago. I hope you like it.

Blue Maxi Dress
Blazer: Le Chateau
Necklace: J.crew
Sunglasses: Prada

I hope you all are having a lovely week?

I went to a makeup Fair called LMUF last Saturday, I told myself I had to post it before this saturday, but I was caught up in a couple of things, but at least I get a few points for not passing this Saturday right? :). A friend of mine invited me, I had heard of it before, wasn't too sure. So when I got asked, I said why not.
It was my first makeup fair, it was okay and was really crowded. I would have bought some things, but I like sticking to brands i'm used to. I would definitely check out some new brands soon, but I just wasn't up for it last week.

A lot of people showed up

These models had on really long lashes with colors on them, they had a really cute personality

Its funny to find out that this is my listening face, and that's my friend that invited me 

I went all casual with a cotton vest, t-shirt and black pants, and included the jewelleries just pump up the outfit a bit.

T-shirt: H&M Lavin
Black Jeans: Asos
Bag: Coach
Necklace: Oscar de la renta
Shoes: Tory Burch
Vest: Wet Seal

Yesterday was a blessed day, I had fun in church and chilled with the family. I'm a little overwhelmed at the moment because I have a lot on my plate, and my wedding is just a little part of it. I am naturally an opinionated person and I like things done to my taste in my work, home and anything that I do.
I am excited about my up coming project, and I pray everything works out *fingers crossed*. I don't want to loose communication with my blogging family. You can reach me on my email on the side bar and if you feel you or a friend has style, you can email me some pictures and write a little about yourself. It would be another fun part I would like to add to my blog and would also like to get some inspiration and ideas from you all.

On my look for the day, I decided to look cute for the day, so I wore pink al through and at the same time, I was not in the mood for heels.

Pink Blazer
Black Jeans: Asos
Necklace: Jcrew
Flats: Melissa
Clutch: Felix Rey
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