I really don't think I have any friend that goes out for lunch with me as much as Mariam. Its almost like that's only how we can chill, relax, talk and tastes good food at the same time.
Well, this was our final lunch together, she is back in Egypt for now until the holidays, but I'm missing her so much and can't wait for her to get back.

Mariam Above

I looked a little down to earth, wasn't really in the mood to dress up.

I love the gold necklace she was wearing.

The food tasted so good!

Top: Mac and Jac
Tank Top: Marciano
Black Jeans
Sunglasses: Jee Vice
Bag: Bulga Garcon

Hello everyone, for men that are into Urban clothing, there is a new store called Urban Royal Style that just opened yesterday. It sells things such as Jeans, shoes, sandals, hoodies, designer belts and t-shirts, boxers, hats etc. The ladies also have a few treats too. They are also ready to meet your needs if you have somethings you are looking for.

A little plate of finger food were given to those that made purchases

This was one of my purchases, It caught my eyes as soon as I walked in.
Shoes: Micheal Kors

I just wore a plain white top, with black jeans and one of my favorite slippers.

Store: Urban Royale Style
Address: 62 Opebi, Ikeja, Lagos
Contact: 018426591

A couple of days ago, I and friend (mariam) went out for lunch. We normally do this when we want to gist or talk about events in our lives etc. It was a really interesting day and the food was great. We managed to take some pictures.

Chapman is one of my favorite drinks.

Mariam's meal

My Meal (It was a really huge, amazing burger with fries)

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