I know Its really been a while since I've not been blogging. I have really been busy with a couple of things and been too lazy at the same time (it's a long story). But now I'm back, and I hope its in full force. Well to cut the story short, I'M ENGAGED and will be heading to the alter soon. I had my introduction on the 6th of April and the post of what I wore will be coming up next.
For those who don't know what an Introduction is: it is a Nigerian culture, in my case "Igbo",  where the groom comes with his family members to the brides house to ask for her hand in marriage and persuades her family to agree on the union, so that we can get  married. It is the most important part of the wedding process, because if the brides parents disagree, it won't take place anymore. Lucky for me, they love him already so it was a Yes.

Well there will be more wedding talks later, until then, I got the really cute shoes. I really love it alot, and I can't wait to wear them.

Shoes: Carvela



  1. Congrats love,
    looking forward to the picture

  2. congratulations on your engage, thats great. those shoes are lovely

  3. Congrats hun
    so happy for u
    and wish u the best on this new journey in your life



  4. wow congratulations! love your heels. sparkley x

  5. loving the shoes..i need them in my closet! lol

  6. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! CONGRATULATIONS! You must be sooooo excited! I'm eager to see how wedding planning goes for you! Best wishes xx

  7. Congratulations sweetie! And those shoes are gorgeous. Here in our country, we also have that Igbo tradition of yours, Ijust cant remember what it is called :)

  8. Congratulations hunni and thanks for sharing your Nigerian tradition. Those heels are hot!

  9. Ahh! new reader: Congrats! Love a sparkly shoe.

  10. Your shoes are lovely and congratulations x

    NRC ♥

  11. Aww, thanks for pointing me to the explanation. SUPER CUTE! Congrats again!

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