Getting Stronger

I don't know if I should really be happy or just wait to see how things workout in the near future before I can say I am back in the 6 inch heels game. I had surgery done on my ankle last year march (click here, but more was said on twitter), and I have healed nicely since then, but I just haven't worn any of my shoes that are too high (from 5 inches up) since then. My ankle feels a lot stronger, so I wore one of my shoes I got last year, and It felt good walking in them, but I didn't strut  my stuff like I normally do "flings hair". But it felt good to wearing really high heels again, and I hope it continues gradually. 

I really love the flower design on this sweater. The gold/silver bracelet I wore below was given to me on my 19th or 20th birthday by my little sister (you know your getting old when you can't remember some easy things). She  spent a huge sum of her allowance for the month, which I thought was a really nice thing to do, but I started wearing it none stop since the beginning of this year. I wore it before but not as I do now permanently.

Still need a lot of work to start walking well in 5 - 6 inch heels. 

Sweater: Caslon
Tank dress: Le Chateau
Bag: Peep toe
Black leggings
Shoes: Charlotte Olympia


  1. Amazing shoes. They definitely should not go to waist. I am glad you feel better.


  2. just make sure you take it easy! with shoes as hott as those it must be hard lol XOXO

  3. Glad to hear you are doing better! I am loving your heels and how well they coordinate with your outfit. Hope you continue to get more comfortable with your extreme high heels again! You look amazing!

    Sarah Jane R.

  4. Good to know that you're feeling a lot better BUT take it easy girl. Don't rush it!

    The shoes are FAB though lol i can see why you'd be anxious to get back in them

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    Confessions Of A City Girl

  5. those shoes are amazing !!!

    nice outfit !!equ

  6. Hey Babe!! Love the shoes! I'm proud of you for blogging and getting yourself out there! Mwah mwah! See you soon. Xoxoxoxoxoxo Ur bestie babycakes Nesia S.

  7. Outfit...Fabulous! Shoes...Fierce! Take it easy on that ankle...


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