My Sister in All Black

Its been a while since my sister has been on my blog and the thing is she really has a great style, so hopefully she would allow me to put some of her style of the day on my blog.
Last week she was in an all black simple outfit, she normally goes for comfort. The look was more of a "tomboy meets girl look"

The thing I love about this look is the fact that its really simple, but at the same time cool and it gives me that Asian Anime vibe, I think its more of the hair. (by the way I love animes :D)

cough cough! (as you can see, she is wearing my gold jewelry on her hand that I wore on my introduction day lol) #sisterstuff

This is the other jewelry she wore on her other hand, which is a Pandora bracelet given to her by the special man in her life, which shall remain anonymous until she is ready to reveal it. Its a very personal gift which has his initials on it S-F-L. But my sister's name is Sandra, so it could go both ways. #toocute

I know some ladies these days run in the size 11 shoe size and find it so hard to find some cute shoes in their size. Well, my sister has the same problem, so sometimes she shops at Tess by barefootTess website 
The shoe below is one of the pairs she got from there.

Shirt: Hugo Boss (Mens wear)
Black Jeans: Ashley Stewart
Jewelry: Pandora
Lady Bug brouche: H&M
Black tie
Shoe: TESS by barefootTess

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  1. I am so confused. Is that you or your sister?! lol!

  2. It's my sister, I put it on the heading so no one would get confused lol. People normally say we look almost like twins, but we don't think we look that much alike.

  3. i love these shoes she has on drooling over them


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