I never thought I would wear polka dotted pants in my life, and some How I find myself wearing them a few days ago. I feel like a did a good job with them, and I need to also say that these red shoes are so comfortable, don't be deceived by how they look.

Black Top
Pants: Asos
White vest
Shoes: Sam Edelman
Purse: Rodo

I am really caught up in a lot of things now (Business wise) and I pray you guys understand when I take a little while to blog. I thought changing my blog to a .com would make me more motivated, but the truth be told, its not gonna pay my bills, its my hobby lol. But I pray my business side does not keep me away from you all for long. LOVE YOU ALL!


Hello my amazing readers who are still with me even though my blog has not been working for a while now. As you can see, it has a new look. It was about time I gave it one. That's my knew logo now (The aviators and the red lips) and I also changed the name to "In Fashion Rehab", this is because I could not get a domain name with Fashion Rehab, because it's been taken already. But I hope you all love the new look.

What I've been doing while I could not blog:

1) I went to finally what the Avengers (I know I'm late lol), It was so cool! The Hulk and Thor were may favorite characters. Who were yours?

2) Been trying to find out why it was taking too long for my blog to recover.

3) Watching Big Brother Stargame

4) Chilling with family and friends

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