Polka Dots & Red

I never thought I would wear polka dotted pants in my life, and some How I find myself wearing them a few days ago. I feel like a did a good job with them, and I need to also say that these red shoes are so comfortable, don't be deceived by how they look.

Black Top
Pants: Asos
White vest
Shoes: Sam Edelman
Purse: Rodo

I am really caught up in a lot of things now (Business wise) and I pray you guys understand when I take a little while to blog. I thought changing my blog to a .com would make me more motivated, but the truth be told, its not gonna pay my bills, its my hobby lol. But I pray my business side does not keep me away from you all for long. LOVE YOU ALL!



  1. What a great look! The shoes are certified hot!


  2. Cute broach!

    And handle your business girl, it's understandable

    Confessions Of A City Girl

  3. Girl I'm with ya on that! I just posted for the first time in a month today and sometimes it's so hard to keep up with blogging because you still have to live your life and keep up with your business! We understand (at least I do) lol.

    I digress...

    The pants are cute! I think I may dabble into the polka dotta denim sometime soon!

    Hope all is well!




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