Windy Day

Last week Saturday was really an interesting day, My Fiance and I only planned to go to an event we were invited to, and some how, we found ourselves caught up in a couple of things, to the point we had to go somewhere at the end of the day to chill due to all the running around. But it was a fun day, we got back home pretty late (tired). Anyway before I bore you, this was what I wore. we have to dress up for the event, but I wanted to wear something that was comfortable and a little simple yet chic. I'm so happy I brought my flats with me, because I really do not know how I would have lasted the whole day in those heels.

It was so windy, I would hardly keep a straight face.

This is how the neck is suppose to look like, but the wind made it look all crazy. 

Blazer: Le Chaetu
Top: H&M Lavin 
Leggings: Asos
Bag: DVF
Shoe: Giambattia Valli



  1. you said it so right simple yet chic...i love your shoes :)

  2. I love your outfit, So cute!

  3. Shoes,blazer..lovely..i am liking the whole attire

  4. love your bag! and shoes!

  5. Love those heels!


  6. hello dear, how are you? Been a while. We should hang out sometime.

  7. :-) nice !

    follow us

  8. nice :-)) follow us


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