I have been a little too busy to blog, due to preparing for the big day, and also resting (I really value my rest lol). As the days are getting closer I'm excited and panicking a little, hoping both days go as planned. So as you all know, I love shoes, so I had to really look for the shoes to wear on my wedding day especially. I am just going to show a sneak peek of both shoe. Let me know what you think.

Wedding Shoes

My wedding is basically a flower theme, so I tried to make sure it also shows in what I wear from my shoe to my dress (which I'll reveal after the big day).

Sneak Peek

Shoe: Brian Atwood

Shoe for the reception when I get tired of wearing heels

Shoe: Salvatore Ferragamo

Traditional Wedding Shoe

Before the white wedding, the traditional wedding has to take place. This is the traditional part of the wedding process which is part of the Nigerian culture. It's different from the white wedding because the bride and groom have to dress in their native attire  Also, it is when the brides dawry is paid. It's going to be a Yoruba wedding because that's where my Fiance is from, so I'm going to leave my Igbo Heritage as a Madubuko and automatically become a Yoruba bride as Mrs Williams.  In our culture, this ceremony is more important that the Church wedding.

Sneak Peek

Shoe: Christian Louboutin

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