Merry Christmas to you all from Me :D. I hope you all are having an amazing day! Mine was filled with loads of food and praises. We first of all went to church to celebrate the reason for the season, which is Jesus, and then went over to my dad's house for a family and friends Christmas lunch. I am so stuffed right now, that I can't take another bite. 
I don't really have the energy to type much lol, so I would just say have a blessed week and hope the pictures don't make you too hungry :D. Bye

Chicken Pepper Soup - Some kinda yellow soup, didn't ask what is was lol (pls pardon me)

From the top: Goat Meat - Quiche - Prawns and Chicken with green peppers

Salad - Cake

My plate, don't judge me 

Cute Santa napkins


How 26year old Emeka Rodney won the MTN Young Designer of the Year 2013 Award.
Twenty-six year old Rodney Emeka, the Creative Director of McMeka, won the MTN Young Designer of the Year competition at the Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2013. He runs McMeka, a Lagos based menswear design label which solely focuses on bespoke tailoring which he founded in September 2011. The young PH bred designer came up against formidable names like Waneami, Diana aLa Vid (DLV), Ayo Van Elmar, Reni Smith, Ladunni Lambo, Sho by Adesola Obebe, Tumilla by Tumi Ladega, Kenneth Ize and Siaiano who were also shortlisted as finalists for the MTN Young Designer of the Year.  However, his hard work and resilience paid off and he was crowned as the winner. He takes us through the hard and arduous journey to achieving this feat.

Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from? What's your educational background?
My name is Rodney Emeka Igwedinma and the winner of MTN Young Designer of the Year award 2013. I am currently a student of University of Lagos, studying Accounting. I am from Anambra East Local government in Anambra state. I come from a family of seven, of which I happen to be the last born of the house. My parents are Ebenezer and Monica Igwedinma. My dad is a retired civil servant while my mom is a tailor and we are a happy lot.  Growing up, I schooled in Rivers state, Port Harcourt. I attended the township primary school, Oyibo for my primary education while I went to Government Secondary, Oyibo for my secondary education. As for my tertiary education, I started out at Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) Ogbomoso where I was studying Biochemistry. But when I developed my talent as a fashion designer, I had to leave LAUTECH for University of Lagos, UNILAG where I started seeing things happen for me in my career. Although I spent many years at LAUTECH, I think it was a wise choice moving to UNILAG because it exposed me to a lot of things. I started my career in 2011 after leaving LAUTECH while studying a science based course and was forced to begin my university education afresh in Lagos having gained admission to study Accounting. Interestingly as a kid, I had enjoyed art based classes but due to family pressure I went through school as a science student. My decision to transit to Accountancy was based on my belief that the course would provide the best platform to fulfil my vision as a fashion designer. And it wasn’t hard to switch because I already had a combination of science and arts courses in my O’Level.

How was it competing against other designers who had trained abroad?
I really don’t believe that someone’s background should be a limiting factor in how far one can go. It’s all about what’s inside of you – so I think that was what paved the way for me. During the auditions, I saw a lot of guys come in with swag, and I was challenged, amazed at some of the designs but I wasn’t intimidated. Yea, they came armed with fashion degrees from Paris, UK, Vienna but they didn’t move me.  When I showed my brother what I was up against, we were just laughing. It was like a David and Goliath situation. Most of my friends just wished me all the best. When I made the top ten shortlist, my close friends told me that they won’t shout or celebrate with me and that they only time they would rejoice is when I am crowned winner. This is the extent of belief and confidence which my close pals had in me. This kept me going. I had no fashion qualifications, whether local or international but I believed in my work.

How do you feel about winning?
It’s everyone’s dream to be a winner. And so I was very elated when my name was announced as the winner. I have a certain fulfilment from winning the competition because I have put in a lot into this craft.

Did you know that you were going to win?
(Laughs) I so much prepared for it. At the last edition in 2012, I attended the closing finale where the winner was announced. I studied the process and workflow of how the models and designers presented their materials. That was on the 28th of October. From that point on, my preparations began for this year’s edition.

What were the high points of your preparation?                      
As part of my preparation regime, every month or at least once in two weeks, I tried to go through the some of the collections from the last edition of the MTN Young Designer’s competition at the LFDW. I meticulously studied the collections from Josh, last year’s winner. I also studied the show generally, trying to gauge the perception of people about their fashion choices and needs. It was a journey that has taken about a year and has seen me crowned as this year’s winner.

When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer?
My mom is a tailor and she always put us through tailoring when we were young. Although back then, I was a bit stubborn and didn’t find the experience pleasurable but she insisted that we all learnt the art. It was as if she knew what was coming ahead in the future. When I got to LAUTECH, I became very serious about the craft when I saw some things that inspired me – there was a business case for it and I was hooked on it. I am into men’s clothing, so while at LAUTECH, I saw boys looking good, fresh and wearing made clothes that were tailored here in Nigeria. My plan on entry was to change motifs in terms of the way boys were dressed.

So what steps did you take?
I went to Yaba market and bought a piece of fabric. I designed something good from it and when my friends saw it on me, they all loved it. They were surprised to find out that I had made the shirt and called me a genius. That was all the motivation I needed to start making clothes and before I knew what was happening, the dresses were moving round and attracting a lot of compliments from other students in school.

What was the first piece you designed?
It was a chinos pant. I bought the fabric for seven hundred and fifty naira at the Yaba market. I made it while we were on vacation then. So when we got back to school, people loved the pants on me. It stood out because back then a lot of boys were making shirts and we didn’t have people who designed pants. So I began to make chinos pants and shirts at LAUTECH.

What’s next for you professionally?
First things first, as a designer I want to go through the process. My immediate plan is to shoot my spring/summer collection which we just showcased at the Lagos Fashion and Design week. When we are done, I will be doing my Autumn/Winter in the first quarter of next year.  I also intend to launch my site and put my collections online so as to increase point of sales.  The LFDW is my first fashion show. I hope to showcase my stuff at the ARISE fashion show and maybe the Mercedes Benz Africa Fashion show. The key to my success is planning. I planned to win, it wasn’t accidental or happenstance and then the God factor. I am so grateful for this platform given me by MTN.

Who are you favourite designers?
As a bespoke men’s suit designer, I find inspiration from the Okunoren Twins, maybe because we are in the same line of business. But I dare say that they have got some interesting designs in their kitty. On the international front, I admire the works of Tom Ford, Oswald Boateng and DSquared2. I also look up to the works of Tiffany Amber, Mai Atafo and Lanre Dasilva.

Has fashion been profitable for you so far?           
Yes it has been, especially if you know what you are doing.  Also your ability to reach the target market determines profit margins.

Who are your major clients?
My major clients are those who understand the essence of bespoke tailoring. 

Could you name some of them?
Well I have had the privilege of working for a lot of Nigerian celebs. Guys like Nollywood actor/director, Desmond Elliot, Uti Nwachukwu, Chinedu Ikieze (Aki), Gbenro Ajibade of popular TV series, tinsel, Elenu the comedian, Ushebebe, an OAP and Yomi Casuals to mention a few. I have worked with Veronica, a popular fashion stylist.

How would you describe your two years sojourn as a designer?
It’s been two years of hard work. I haven’t had any rest because I know what I was gunning for. As such, it’s been a gruelling experience with great achievements like the Young Designer of the year award. In the first year, I brought out a collection and had a shoot for it but only my friends and close associates saw it. Then in 2012, I did another collection which was a bit more colourful. It was featured on BellaNaija and this launched me into the industry, people got to know about me and my works. In 2013, I launched another collection – Work Hard, Play Hard which gained more traction than the first before doing this last collection, Man about town, which was showcased at the Lagos Fashion and Design Week. So as you can see, it’s been a season of hard work these last two years. 
What’s your go-to style inspiration?
I draw inspiration from art, the environment, nature and music. They provide the stillness with which I birth my design concepts. I listen to Enya, you don’t get to hear or understand the lyrics but you are immersed and sucked in. I love rhythmic music and not a big fan of words in music. But then guys like Seal, Sade Adu Barry White do it for me. On the home front, I love Asa, Praiz. I think Nigerian artists need to create a unique style for themselves. They can’t all dress the same way. The dress style in many of our music videos are boring because you see a lot of copycatism and borrow-borrow. I would love to work with Lynnx and Dbanj, these guys have style.

How would you describe your personal fashion style?
My style is predicated on comfort and flexibility. It isn’t something that is so loud, it is usually very simple.  Even though it looks like what everyone can put on, it is sophisticated and classy. That’s my style.

What are your favorite colors?
My brand colors are wine and ash with a touch of navy blue some times. But my colors depends on the fashion season in which we are working. For the next season which is autumn/winter, we’ll do a lot of navy blue but in spring /summer, we had orange which is my favourite color. When the orange suit came out on the runaway, it really caused a stir and blew most people away. I heard people say that it was a risk that paid off. The essence of the ensemble was to get people talking and I’m grateful to MTN for the opportunity to put my stuff out there.

Since you are still in school, what’s your take on the ASUU strike?
The ASUU strike has been a blessing for me. God has a way of doing things.  As a student of UNILAG, if school was in session, it would have been very difficult to find the time to participate in the competition. I was apprehensive when the call time came in because I submitted my application two days before the closing date. Once I got the invite to audition, I began to pray and ask God for his help – make a way for me to win this competition. And so when the strike was announced, I was very happy as it would afford me the chance to compete. While my friends were groaning and complaining, I was thankful. Even when there were rumours of the ending the strike, I prayed that it would happen only after the show was over and I was glad it happened for me.  Making the collection was stressful and it would have been more demanding having to combine preparing for the show with exams looming.  God bless ASUU. (General laughter)

Do you have favourite fabrics that you work with?
I love to work with wool. It is very rich, expensive and good for men. Any man that loves wool knows what he wants in suit making. Even with the climatic conditioning of Nigeria, there are shades of wool that fit our weather patterns. It all depends on the personality and the purpose.

What has been your most surreal fashion experience to date?
It has got to be winning the MTN Young Designer of the year award. It was blissful and very exciting. I couldn’t contain myself as I was filled with joy with so many emotions running through my mind whilst hugging everyone backstage. It was WOW!!!

What would have happened if you didn’t win?
It would have been a whole lot of shame for me because I so much believed in myself and prayed very hard for this show. I had the firm conviction that if I was going to do the show, then it would pave the way for me and as God would have it, my fasting and prayer wasn’t in vain. 

What does a typical day in your life looks like?
I am usually awake from around 5am. I start with my devotion – prayers, meditations and reading the bible after which I spend at least twenty minutes planning what my day is going to look like – meetings to attend, people to visit, shopping sites to go to. Once I’m done with trying to look good for the day, I hit the road for the factory where production usually takes place. There. I try to find out what the deliverables are and generally find out what’s happening. I also inspect the work which my tailors have done for me and look into their needs. I also have two hours online- checking and replying mails, networking, chat up with family and friends. Some days, I head out to meet with clients after this routine in the afternoon. In the evenings, I go back to work and check out what has been done and what’s amiss. Then I head home around 8pm depending on the traffic, I might find myself getting home close to midnight. Once I get home, I say my prayers and snooze off into dreamland. Fortunately, I try to socialize during weekends, mostly on Sundays as my schedule permits.

Did you get funding to start this business?
I started this business with ten thousand naira and I wasn’t funded by anybody. The first order to design a dress cost me ten thousand naira which was the first capital for my business. I sent the dress over to a dude in Abuja who placed the order and till tomorrow, I still haven’t been paid. It was a painful experience and so I had to start all over again. I made and still make a lot of sacrifices coupled with hard work.

What is the story behind your brand name, McMeka?
Well my name is Rodney Emeka, so it was derived from my native name. Mc gives it the British feel.

Are you married?                                          
No. I am twenty six years old and happily single.

Has your boyfriend or girlfriend played any role in all of this?
Laughs. Girlfriend please. Well, she always encourages me to keep my dream alive and she is very understanding with my busy schedules. She is very patient and inspires me a lot. We are two different people who understand ourselves. We have been through so many things together and she knows what I’m capable of.

What would you say about the MTN Young Designer of the Year Award?

I think the initiative is a good one. I so much appreciate the fact that the organisers of the LFDW are working so hard to bring out young talents in Nigeria’s fashion space. They are giving young talents a voice. Josh, who won last year is doing well. McMeka will also do well.  

I hope you all were inspired by the interview.


Hello guys, I'm so excited to share with you my first video. I hope you all enjoy it, and get a feel of my personality because pictures can only show so little. For those you might not be able to watch it, I have typed it out.  

The Write Up

Hello everyone, welcome to Fashion Rehab, my name is Velma Williams and I am so excited because this is my first video for my YouTube channel and I get to share my interests, loves and views with you all and hope you can subscribe to my channel to follow me on this exciting journey I have suddenly found myself in.
I just want to say a huge Merry Christmas and I hope you all are having an amazing time with family, friends and loved ones. As you can see, I am in my closet, which shows that I’m going to give you guys some tips on what to wear. At least, a fashion trend perfect for the festive season.

Christmas is here and there are a lot of parties and events to go to and we all want to stand out right?  So sequins is the look we are going for, and also want to incorporate it into whatever we decide to wear for the day.  As for me, I have a sequin dress that I got from Asos a while ago. It is green and blue, with a hint of white. You know me, my style is loud.  I would pair it up with this blue shoes I got from Asos, they are River Island, and I love them so much that I have actually worn them with two outfits on my blog. I am sure a lot of you who follow my blog are aware of that. It would go perfectly with the outfit considering the fact that it has blue and it would tone the look down, so that we don’t look like a Christmas tree.

Also I got these shoes when I was waiting for my connecting flight at Heathrow airport, It’s from Carvela. It’s one of my favorite shoes because its pink, and it’s the kinda shoe you wear and you own it when you walk into a room, and everyone is saying “ooo I love your shoes, they are so pretty”. You can also pair it with a plain outfit, it makes you stand out in a party or event. You can also pair it up with a clutch that has glitter, its perfect for the season.

If you are wearing a sequins or glitter outfit, tone it down with simple accessories. But if you are going simple with your look, pair it up with loud accessories.
I just want to thank you guys for tuning into my video, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Hello guys, the winners for 2013 Naija Blog Awards were listed last night and Fashion Rehab won yay!!. I just want to say a huge thank you to all that voted for me and also say thank you to my lovely blog readers, Thank you so much, I really appreciate you all. MUAH!!

Hello guys, it's been a while since I have done the "So far on Instagram". These are just a peek of what happens on Instagram.

This was a throwback picture, I took with my sister before we went for an engagement (we are not twins) lol.

This was another throwback picture I took a day before my birthday. I think it was 2010 July 24. I wasn't too happy, I guess cos I didn't have anything planned for my birthday "DRAMA QUEEN".

This just shows happy I get when I am shopping online. I am controlling myself and I have done well so far this year because there are more important things than clothes and SHOES!, ummm maybe only clothes.

Lastly, been having a serious sweet tooth these day, and I can't even post them on instagram so that I don't get called a fat kid. But I only really enjoyed the square caramel. The rest were a little too I-N-T-E-R-E-S-T-I-N-G, no comment. I ate it at Protea Hotel *walks away*

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The year is almost over and time is flying like crazy to the point that our 1st wedding anniversary just passed. I wore this outfit because a day before, my husband told me to wear something comfortable and take a pair of flats for back up. Lets just say I was a little scare about that, especially when he said flats (I was not in the beach mode). But I didn't want to ruin the surprise he had planned for our day, so I just picked out this dress I got from Asos and paired it with an orange necklace for a pop of color.
I know this is *CHESSY*, but I decided to wear my wedding shoe for the day. I haven't worn it since our wedding day, so it just felt right to wear it on the same day it was worn.

Dress: Asos
Necklace: Le Chateau
Clutch: Karen Millen
Watch: Michael Kors
Shoes: Brian Atwood Limited Edition

 Hubby's Surprise

First of all, he stopped at the cinema and told me we were going to watch THOR since I have been talking about it. I thought it was really sweet, and we got there just in time. 


After the movies, we went for dinner at Intercontinental Hotel, they normally have a buffet in the evening at 8,500 Naira per person. We love to eat and I can guarantee you we ate more than we paid for lol.
Lastly, thinking that was the last stop, he told me on our way out that we have just one more last stop. I was really shocked that he took his time to plan. Next thing I know, we were at Shawnz Bar at Victoria Island, Its a Karaoke bar, really fun. So when we went upstairs, I was wondering "what is he up to?" it only took a few minutes before his friends came in saying surprise!!!. At that moment, I just felt like jumping on him *gonna keep it clean* lol. It was a lot of fun, and I got to sing one of my silly songs by George Micheal =Shoot the dog. hehe :D

Shaunz Bar

(pls forgive the quality, the place was a lot darker than this and my camera was just being a little dramatic about it.)

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Today is our first wedding anniversary, it just seems like yesterday we got married. I am just thankful to God for seeing us through this year and kept us alive to celebrate an anniversary. I am also thankful for the amazing bond we share, and by the special grace of God, it will continue till we grow old and grey

Simple Notes for Marriage

1) Do not get married for the wrong reasons. For example,  due to pressure from family, society and fear of being alone. These are not the foundation you want your marriage to be built upon, you are more likely to end up with somebody you had no business with or find yourself in a marriage that will be shorter than the amount of months you spent preparing for the wedding.

2) Communication is key. I know it is a cliche, but It definitely works. When your communication is solid, a lot of problems can be avoided. 

3) The act of showing love. Never feel because you are married, there is no need to impress or surprise your partner. Instead this is the time you express it more. It will let your partner know how much you value and cherish them. It will keep the spark in your marriage and you will find out the little times you show it goes a long way as time goes by.

4) The right tone is a very necessary pattern to get inline with. Yelling at your partner is a no no and doesn't even help at the end of the day. It just makes the person yelling look crazy. We women are likely to fall in that line, but if you change your tone you find out he listens more than when your yelling. Ex: my husband and I have very respectable fights since the day we met. Regardless of what I want to get across to him or he wants to say to me, we have a simple tone and we both feel that respect from one another, its a mad gift we are very much grateful for.

5) Both of you holding on to the word is a beautiful foundation for your marriage. I do not need to say much because with God all things are possible. *snap*

These words are from personal experience and other older couples in our circle.

If you want to watch a fun preview video of our wedding, pls click on the picture below.
I tried to post the video here, but that's a story for another day.

(Please watch it through a laptop, not a youtube app)

Today in our celebrity look segment is none other than Jennifer Hudson. She has come a long way when it comes to having a sense of style. After her weight loss, she was a little confused on what worked for her and ended up on more fashion don'ts than do. But along the line, she is still on the journey of  finding her style and so far, she is doing a great job.
I am also loving the new short hair do she has been spotted with lately, it adds a fresh and youthful look.

The orange dress above was what she wore recently to the American Music Awards. 

You can tell by her wardrobe that she is really having fun and keeps it simple, fresh and sometimes funky

what are your thoughts about her style, do you agree that she has come a long way?


I am really in a happy mood. Going to church and keeping your faith strong really helps a lot. Funny enough before this week started, I just put on my bbm status that this week was going to be a blessed week. Something also moved in my spirit to Tweet and type it on the facebook page.

"Hello Tweethearts! This week is going to be a blessed week, whether you have faith or not. "

I didn't know God was speaking to me through myself (I also hope all who read it is having a blessed week). I can't explain how this week has been going "I cannot complain".  Things are falling into place, I am having inner peace that I cannot explain. Sometimes even when we don't have faith in some things we decree in our lives, It doesn't mean that the Big guy up there doesn't see and won't help us through our problems. I'm just all smiles :).

Lastly, I wore this outfit recently to church. It was one of those Sundays I didn't plan what to wear, but found myself in my closet putting the look together in the morning, I even dressed up faster than my husband (for the first time in a while). It is actually two pairs of skirts that I am wearing, they just go to good together. I am going to stop typing now, so that you can focus on the outfit, Love you all Muah!!!

Top: Adam Lippes
Both Skirts: Asos
Sunglasses: Rayban
Shoes: Brian Atwood
Necklace: it was a gift

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Hello guys, Here are just a few items I have had my eyes on that I would love to have in my closet and love from afar (but anything is possible, right?). Happy Sunday. Kisses!!

Closet Cravings

Hello Everyone, I hope you all are having a great week. I am very happy today because I have somewhat of free time on my hands today. I am just in a phase where I am trying to balance a lot of things in my life and make certain things happen. I know it will take a lot of discipline and work, but I put it all in God's hands, he knows my will even before I started.
Also I am getting tired of weaves, I either want to stay on braids or just rock my natural hair (its all natural baby lol). My cousin is my inspiration, her hair is so long and she stopped relaxing it a long time ago. Hopefully I can follow in her footsteps because these weaves are not just my thing for now. My dad always makes fun of me sometime by asking "who's hair do I have on today?" :), hopefully I would get to the point were I can feel comfortable with my real hair out. hopefully you will all see more of that :).

I wore this outfit to Span Festival  that has been taking place this week in Eko Hotel. A friend of ours invited us to the event, it felt good trying out something new from music that involves "wine for me baby" , "shake that bum bum" , "popping Moet in the club" etc. Don't get me wrong, if you play any of these songs I will be the first to jump on the dance floor "Skelewu tinz". But listening to a genre like jazz that I don't really hear much of made it more exciting for me. 
I ended up wrapping my hair because I am still doing research on what to do with it, and decided to pair it up with a fitted top and a midi skirt, and blue heels for color. 

My husband took this picture, I told him to take the bracelet but o well, I hope the bracelet is the main focus *closes eye*

Top: Asos
Midi Skirt: Asos
Shoes: River Island
Bracelet: Oscar de la renta
Sunglasses: Gucci 

Spanfest day 4

Here are a few of the people that performed. The guy below (I wish I knew his name) was really good. His voice was really soothing to the ears. He sang about money coming and going, and how much he wants to change the world, beautiful tunes. 

The founders of Span Festival have an academy where they train students on how to play instruments and more. These are some of their students, not only were they amazing, but you can tell they loved what they were doing. I see a new Naija coming up soon...

Ms Wana Wana (radio personality) was also there, she did a 'spoken word' performance. She had everyone laughing in the crowd

The band below is called Ayetoro, they consist of 22 people (a lot right), the only thing I can remember from the performance were the two ladies dancing in front. They danced so hard like their lives depended on it, or like they were receiving a revelation. It was a good way to end the night, we had to leave after the performance because we where hungry and it was getting late. 


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