Finally, I know I have been delaying it for a while now, but its now up :). Its funny how time flies, now we've been married for about 3 months now and it just feels like yesterday. Our Engagement wedding (Native wedding) took place on the 22nd of November. It was a day filled with laughter and a lot of dancing. Its unfortunate I can't put all my pictures up here, but I will give you a glimpse of the day, especially of what I wore.

My Beautiful Friends

My last dance as an Anambra princess

Now a Yoruba Bride.
Yoruba Guys Like Igbo girls lol. I rest my case. 

Makeup: Zaron
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Photographers: Jide Alakija and S C George
Gold Jewellery: My mum's closet

The wedding pictures are coming next!!

I really didn't get to watch the Grammys, and funny enough, they showed the repeat today and I was on the channel for a second, and next thing I know, I was playing games on my Ipad lol. I guess I wasn't to hyped to watch it, but I have always liked know what the celebrities wore.

Best Dressed

From Left to Right: Adele / Rihanna / Beyonce

Adele looked so cute in her dress, I was impressed with her choice, prints all the way. Rihanna looked sexy in red, didn't expect less. Beyonce look simple and nice. and her hips don't lie.

From left to right:  Katy Perry  / Carrie Underwood / Taylor Swift 

Katy Perry's cleavage would definitely cause traffic, there's a lot going on there. Great choice of outfit. Carrie Underwood looked simple and Elegante, she played safe and it worked. Taylor Swift looked like an angel. 
From Left to Right: Jennifer Lopez / Kelly Rowland / Ashanti 

These ladies showed there's no problem showing a little extra skin, they really pulled it off well. (take it easy JLo) lol

From Left to Right: Solange Knowles / Chrissy Teigen

Solange is always killing it, she's just herself and wears whatever she damn pleases to. Chrissy Teigen looked sexy and effortless in her black lace dress. I'm sure John Legend could not keep his hands off her. 

From left to Right: Chris Brown / Drake / Mario Lopez

Loving Chrisbrown in all white errthin, looking like a reall gentleman. Drake also looked stunning and Mario Lopez pulled off the Wine suit. Now this is the way to dress to the Grammys

Worst Dressed

From Left to Right: Carly Rae Jepsen / Janelle Monae / Florence Welch

Carly Rae Jepsen looked like the dead living (sorry to say that). the dress looked a little to big on her. As for Janelle Monae, I love her, but I feel like I can guess what she is going to wear everytime and its getting boring :(. Nice look but it would looks like it was for a guy. I love Florence Welch too but she gave me the evil queen look, like something you'll see for Narnia.

From Left to Right: Frank Ocean / Neyo / Sean Paul

Frank Ocean looked like he got out of bed and wore what ever he could find lying on the floor of his room. I believe he could have put in more effort, I mean its the Grammys. Neyo and Sean Paul, I naturally don't agree with their looks, but it would have been better for other events, not the best choice for the Grammys.

Would have pulled it off if? 

Kelly Osburne

She would have pulled it off she wore an outfit that complimented her figure, I mean we all know she's not curvy, so it doesn't fill out well and she looks 30 years older with the hair. I love the color, but it looks better when left down.

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose

I love them both and I think they are really cute together. She is so pregnant and ready to let the baby out, but she has an excuse because its really not that easy to find an outfit to fit you so right especially when your close to your due date. If the material was a little less shiny, it would have looked a lot better. I pray I look this good when I'm ready to have a baby lol.

The is on of my most comfortable dress, I got it a days ago. Its been a very busy week for me, but mu husband and I always find out ways to have fun, but that always leave a little space left to hangout with friends. I don't if this happens to most newlyweds, It's almost like you guys don't want to be apart lol , I'm I right or wrong?

Dress in Native Attire
\Bag: Marc Jacobs
Shoes: irregular choice

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