Looking through my blog I actually realized that my style is quite conservative, and I look comfortable. I like to dress up even for no reason naturally, but what I'm actually trying to work on is to take pictures everytime I'm stepping out. Its the hardest thing because I rely on the people around me and everyone is getting busy or lazy, so its tough.
But the reason why I'm doing this post is to share with you all my favorite top 10 looks I have done so far on my blog. I do hope you like them.

The picture above with the purple sweater was during winter, gotta stay stylish in the cold too right? 

I hope you loved them

I am sure we all know we are in the baby boom, there are a lot of pregnancies this year, its crazy. Last year was packed with weddings every single day, while babies are coming from every corner this year. Some woman feel their fashion actually has to suffer during pregnancy, but I beg to differ. It's something that happens once in a while and I feel all women should try and have fun with it. Here are just some inspirations of some mums to be, just to let you know you can still practically wear what you want while your pregnant and your style doesn't have to suffer.

Kim Kardashian

Jessica Simpson


Kate Middleton

Holly Madison

Finally my wedding pictures are now on the website :). Whenever I think about how happy and fun the day was, the preparation process was all worth it. I'm very happy that my family really know fun loving people. You could feel the love in the hall and everyone had an amazing time. I can never forget the look my dad had in his eyes when he saw me in my dress (I felt so special). The wedding theme was flowers, I just wanted flowers everywhere as much as possible with out it looking crazy. I hope you all enjoy the pictures. Muahh!!


These shoes were really made for walking (down the aisle)

My Dress for the day

Me and my amazing maid of honor, we've been close friends for like 17 years now.

Our beautiful grooms men and bridesmaids and the little flower girl.

Leaving the church as Mr and Mrs, right after the service

The cake at the reception

Bouquet toss time! this was a really funny moment, I didn't know one of my friends really had power lol.

Dance Dance Dance!

Wedding dress: Bespoke
Makeup: Zaron
Shoes: Brian Atwood Limited Edition
Earrings: Ippolita
Photographers: Jide Alakija and SC George 

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