My Top 10 Favorite looks

Looking through my blog I actually realized that my style is quite conservative, and I look comfortable. I like to dress up even for no reason naturally, but what I'm actually trying to work on is to take pictures everytime I'm stepping out. Its the hardest thing because I rely on the people around me and everyone is getting busy or lazy, so its tough.
But the reason why I'm doing this post is to share with you all my favorite top 10 looks I have done so far on my blog. I do hope you like them.

The picture above with the purple sweater was during winter, gotta stay stylish in the cold too right? 

I hope you loved them



  1. Great looks. Love your conservative BUT stylish style :)

    xox, cheri

  2. I absolutely LOVE your blog!! Just followed you!! :)


    Music. Fashion. Love.

  3. I love your looks; conservative and modest with a little bit of edge is my style too.

  4. I liked them all. Just found your blog and I will be following via bloglovin. When you have time go on over and check me out at:


In Fashion Rehab

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