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We all have those days when we wanna be free and feel like we don't have any clothes on, or just dont have time to pick out clothes because your the "dress up quick, t-shirt and jeans, out the door in 5 minutes lady". For some of us, its the way we feel towards clothing and for others, the feeling comes up once in a while (Lazy days).
There are ways to cover up those lazy days and to revamp the t-shirt and jeans style, after all "How you feel should not have to be exposed through your outfit, except its a positive feeling".

Loose Dress

Loose dresses are the best way to feel very free and look good at the same time, and the best part is you can wear it to any event depending on the pattern and texture. The first picture below, the patterns are perfect for a dinner party or an outdoor garden event.

These particular looks below can be worn on a daily basis, but the one in the middle can go a little further to day party due to the floral touch.

T-Shirt & Jeans

The pictures below gives you all an Idea on how to revamp the t-shirt and Jeans style.

Here are a few points to know:

1) Heels always add a little chic to the look
2) If you don't like wearing heels and flats are for you, then add a blazer to the look, so that it doesn't look too plain.
3) Almost every lady owns a pair of skinny jeans, but owning a pair of boyfriend jeans (the outfit on the right) couldn't be more sexier.

I hope you were able to learn a thing or two. Kisses!

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