Happy New Month

Last month was really interesting, especially since it was the month I was born. But apart from that, I got to do things I had never done before and also did a recap on how I spent my year as a 23 year old before I had to say goodbye. I do it every year and I find it therapeutic, it makes me try  to do better in areas I felt I lacked in the last, I get much more wiser and try to face my fears. Last but not the least, the best part is that I am always positive about the amazing things coming my way each new year. 

Here is a little recap on what went on last month 

I met an amazing gospel singe Micah Stampley, he is such a humble soul and a fun person. He came to sing at our church event, his voice almost made me grow wings (I'm trying to be calm about it).

I got featured on Bella Naija on of the top Naija entertainment website to visit, It was a good feeling.

I also did a voice over job, it was a really fun experience

I took this picture while I was at work "break time" 

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  1. You had a very eventful month :-) congrats on your feature on bellanaija. And i love the look with the pants and floral top.


  2. This is a great post. Congratulations on your feature.


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