Two African Prints

Hello guys, hope you had a great weekend. For some reason, I'm just going through a little phase of African prints, I can't lie. Trying to fine what prints look good on the other gets me all excited. For my wedding, I got a lot of fabrics as a gift. I must say I am truly grateful because now I can play around with them and make different outfits. I started with this outfit, I took two fabrics from the collection and decided to sew a top and high waisted skirt.
I was a little skeptical about it at first, because I was wondering how they were going to work. When I finally got them, I was really pleased. Its was something different for the first time in a while, so I was really excited to try it out.

You don't have to pay for much to look good, just know how to be creative and work with what you have. Also invest in Ankara, it's definitely worth it ;). 

Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Bloggers Meet Up

Later in the afternoon after church, I attended a bloggers meet up at Yellow Chilli. I always wanted to get to meet new bloggers and hear about their blogging experiences and much more. It was a really fun experience and everyone was so friendly and open. It almost felt like a couple of friends hanging out, which is pretty cool.

from the left to the right: AdeKanye (Do It For Me) , Omolara (The Sound Mind Company) , Sisi Yemmie (Sisi Yemmie

Almost everyone ordered chapman (one of the best drinks ever lol), but Seyi (Seyi Taylor) and Adekanye ordered schweppes

I had to order some food, I can't go to a restaurant and not atleast order something small. I decided to so with chicken wings, it was really good. Some also ordered the same thing. I really can't wait for the next meet up. 

Hope you all had a great weekend?


  1. Nice one. Check out the post I did on you :-). Have a great day.

  2. My thing with sewing Ankara is tailors! I have not been lucky with them so I have practically given up. Its just too much energy wasted chasing them around over an outfit.

    You look lovely as always dear.

    1. You can try Sweetsop Attires. Check some of their stuff on- or contact them on twitter @sweetsopattires

  3. Awwww ts getup wv d print is just 2 fab I'd def try out mine! So xcited to try out mine!

  4. I love these two prints together. You look very chic.


  6. I bet you guys had a great time getting to know each other..I like your mix of prints, you look great!

  7. And I was not in the picture *sad face* I hope to meet up again soon.

    I liked your ankara print, they looked so good on you

  8. Awww nice. nice outfit! i cant nwait for the next meet up too!

  9. Love how you match the clutch and shoes, it keeps the attention on the beautiful combo

  10. Just had to tell you that i love your blog NAME!!!!! & YOUR POSTS ARE SUUUPER!!!!

    Gabriela Rose

  11. Need to get on my print game

  12. Wow, it was nicely sewn and love that both colors are bright but easy on the eyes.

    Love the look and your choice of accessories.

  13. Not fair I wasn't invited! I need to go out more joo.


  14. So glad I met you girl! We should do this again


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