Here is a little Sunday treat. A view and some fashion inspiration of the Street Style in during New York Fashion Week.

Isn't she a cutie!!

credits: wmagazine


It's funny how when your bigger than the normal size considered in society, people tell you what to wear to make you look slimmer. Well in high school, let's just say I was not too comfortable in my skin, lost a lot of weight, gained it back etc. But it was for the wrong reasons at the end of the day and I got tired of it. It wasn't Until I went to University, I discovered myself, my confidence rose and I got a thicker skin in and out :). I am not pressured by what anyone thinks about what size looks good and how a certain size should dress. If I want to loose weight, its because I want to or there is a dress I love and I want to fit into it.

Be confident in your own skin, and don't let anyone bring you down or decide what your happy with. The only time a change in size should be considered is if there is a health issue or it is your choice. And wear bright or loose clothes if you want because tight clothes and the color black can only get you so far.

This message is for every size and people who are not comfortable in their skin. Live you life, be happy and healthy.

Top: Asos
Necklace: Mille Collines
Clutch: a store in Dubai
Floral Pants
Shoes: Via Spiga 
Bracelet: Marc Jacob
Watch: Michael Kors

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I have always wanted to attend fashion shows, but something always comes up to draw me away from them. The last fashion week that occurred in Lagos was very unfair because I was not in the country. Even when I was going to Kenya, apparently there were fashion shows going on all weekend and ended the day I arrived. Is it in my destiny not to attend fashion shows lol (jokes). But I would really love to attend one, not really for the show, but how people go all out and express themselves through fashion.

Here are a few pictures and Inspiration of the street style during London Fashion Week

credits: wmagazine

This has really been an interesting month so far. First of all, before I start talking about it, I would like you guys to help vote me as the best fashion / personal style blog. Its my first time being a part of it, and I would love to win. You can just click on the link below the NBA Awards picture. Thanks!!
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 Like I was saying earlier, It was really been an interesting month for me. I was really ill for a couple of days. I was on bed rest for about 4 days, on serious meds. I haven't been that sick in a while, I'm just happy I got back on my feet. For those that really know me, I hate medicine O_O.

There was also a thanksgiving in church, celebrating a beautiful marriage. So you know how I do lol, I wanted to tie gele, and wrapper. Looking like the beautiful Nigerian woman that I am.

(The second picture is not that clear, apologies) I did the Oleku style because I feel it has a younger feel to it. 

Lastly, I went out for lunch with the hubby and our friend Zeena to chill and catch up, and anytime I'm at a restaurant, I have to order a chapman. I am so addicted to it, like I am with lemon Ice tea and virgin strawberry Daiquiris.

It was really windy outside, I really tried hard to take a picture. This was what I wore

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I bought this pants early this years, but was waiting for the right top to wear with it. A black blazer was the first thing to come it mind, but I had to let it slide because that is the easiest piece to pair any pants with. So luckily enough, when I was in Kenya, I bought this top from woolworths. I thought it was a nice piece to have, and it was something new I felt would work for me one way or the other. It was until when I got back from the trip and was getting ready to head out, I realized it would go well with the pants. 

I don't know if its only me this happens to, but It easier for me to think of what to wear when I am getting ready to go out, than to think of it a day before or so. What time is best for you? 

I can smile, damn!! lol

Top: Woolworths
Pants: Asos
Necklace: J.crew
Bag: Karenmillen
Watch: Michael Kors

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Putting on a dress is the easiest and predictable outfit to wear  at a dinner party. As you can see, there are two fun ways you can dress and actually stand out from the crowd.
 The first outfit is called Gold glamour. It's a silk top, paired with high waist yellow pants to add color to the look. Also, a pair of white heels, white and gold studded clutch, with little gold accessory, due to the busy prints on the top. 
The Second look is called sweetheart. A transparent black top and a black high waist skirt, with a mix of dark pink on it. A cute lip clutch and black simple pointed heels, with gold accessories. 

 What would you wear to a dinner party? 

Gold Glamour

Shirt: Versace
Pants: Sass & Bide
Earrings: Sole Society
Skull Clutch
Heels: Russh
Ring: Michael Kors


Top: Dolce & Gabbana
Skirt: Milly Karina degrade
Shoes: Zara
Clutch: Anna Smith
Earrings: LK Designs Estrella
Gold Bracelet

I really love the dress I wore to the wedding, I actually picked it up last minute as I was on my way to the airport because my tailor brought my dress on the same day I was leaving. Lets just say he made it for Shreks wife, because It was so huge and terrible (I wan't to erase it from my memory). But the good part of it is I always give thanks in everything because It is always for a reason. Luckily I looked in my closet and found this dress, and I basically blended in with wedding, with flowers everywhere lol. I really had a great time.

Dress: Asos
Shoes: United Nude
Clutch: Asos
Watch: Michael kors
Bracelet: from Kenya

The Wedding

This was the venue for the church ceremony, It was really beautiful and the grass was really green and healthy. Its my first time attending a ceremony outdoors that actually a beautiful experience all through.

The picture below was where the reception was held, it was in a totally different location. 

The cake tasted as good as it looked. Part of it was fruits and to other part was sponge cake, but with a couple of flavors added to it. I tasted tangerine in it, and some other flavors, I found it really interesting.

This a picture of the hall, isn't it beautiful.


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