Today in our celebrity look segment is none other than Jennifer Hudson. She has come a long way when it comes to having a sense of style. After her weight loss, she was a little confused on what worked for her and ended up on more fashion don'ts than do. But along the line, she is still on the journey of  finding her style and so far, she is doing a great job.
I am also loving the new short hair do she has been spotted with lately, it adds a fresh and youthful look.

The orange dress above was what she wore recently to the American Music Awards. 

You can tell by her wardrobe that she is really having fun and keeps it simple, fresh and sometimes funky

what are your thoughts about her style, do you agree that she has come a long way?


I am really in a happy mood. Going to church and keeping your faith strong really helps a lot. Funny enough before this week started, I just put on my bbm status that this week was going to be a blessed week. Something also moved in my spirit to Tweet and type it on the facebook page.

"Hello Tweethearts! This week is going to be a blessed week, whether you have faith or not. "

I didn't know God was speaking to me through myself (I also hope all who read it is having a blessed week). I can't explain how this week has been going "I cannot complain".  Things are falling into place, I am having inner peace that I cannot explain. Sometimes even when we don't have faith in some things we decree in our lives, It doesn't mean that the Big guy up there doesn't see and won't help us through our problems. I'm just all smiles :).

Lastly, I wore this outfit recently to church. It was one of those Sundays I didn't plan what to wear, but found myself in my closet putting the look together in the morning, I even dressed up faster than my husband (for the first time in a while). It is actually two pairs of skirts that I am wearing, they just go to good together. I am going to stop typing now, so that you can focus on the outfit, Love you all Muah!!!

Top: Adam Lippes
Both Skirts: Asos
Sunglasses: Rayban
Shoes: Brian Atwood
Necklace: it was a gift

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Hello guys, Here are just a few items I have had my eyes on that I would love to have in my closet and love from afar (but anything is possible, right?). Happy Sunday. Kisses!!

Closet Cravings

Hello Everyone, I hope you all are having a great week. I am very happy today because I have somewhat of free time on my hands today. I am just in a phase where I am trying to balance a lot of things in my life and make certain things happen. I know it will take a lot of discipline and work, but I put it all in God's hands, he knows my will even before I started.
Also I am getting tired of weaves, I either want to stay on braids or just rock my natural hair (its all natural baby lol). My cousin is my inspiration, her hair is so long and she stopped relaxing it a long time ago. Hopefully I can follow in her footsteps because these weaves are not just my thing for now. My dad always makes fun of me sometime by asking "who's hair do I have on today?" :), hopefully I would get to the point were I can feel comfortable with my real hair out. hopefully you will all see more of that :).

I wore this outfit to Span Festival  that has been taking place this week in Eko Hotel. A friend of ours invited us to the event, it felt good trying out something new from music that involves "wine for me baby" , "shake that bum bum" , "popping Moet in the club" etc. Don't get me wrong, if you play any of these songs I will be the first to jump on the dance floor "Skelewu tinz". But listening to a genre like jazz that I don't really hear much of made it more exciting for me. 
I ended up wrapping my hair because I am still doing research on what to do with it, and decided to pair it up with a fitted top and a midi skirt, and blue heels for color. 

My husband took this picture, I told him to take the bracelet but o well, I hope the bracelet is the main focus *closes eye*

Top: Asos
Midi Skirt: Asos
Shoes: River Island
Bracelet: Oscar de la renta
Sunglasses: Gucci 

Spanfest day 4

Here are a few of the people that performed. The guy below (I wish I knew his name) was really good. His voice was really soothing to the ears. He sang about money coming and going, and how much he wants to change the world, beautiful tunes. 

The founders of Span Festival have an academy where they train students on how to play instruments and more. These are some of their students, not only were they amazing, but you can tell they loved what they were doing. I see a new Naija coming up soon...

Ms Wana Wana (radio personality) was also there, she did a 'spoken word' performance. She had everyone laughing in the crowd

The band below is called Ayetoro, they consist of 22 people (a lot right), the only thing I can remember from the performance were the two ladies dancing in front. They danced so hard like their lives depended on it, or like they were receiving a revelation. It was a good way to end the night, we had to leave after the performance because we where hungry and it was getting late. 


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Hello Everyone, hope you all are having a great week? This is going to be the last post concerning LFDW, and what other better way to end it than to showcase the street style. I tried my best to take many pictures  during the event, at least, the ones that caught my eyes. I hope you all enjoy them.

Shoes and A Bag


Happy New Month! I know I have said this on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page, but I can't help but say it again. "The year is almost over", it really seemed like it was just last month we said "Happy New Year" or is it just me? Well I'm just grateful for seeing another month and excited on what next year would bring.
I have been finding myself getting more involved in (Ankara) African prints and my culture lately, I just can't help it. To the point I wore my traditional beads I wore on my traditional wedding as a statement necklace an event. This was the look I went for on the last day of Lagos Fashion Design Week.

Bag: DVF
Shoes: Asos
Sunglasses: Oliver People
Watch: Michael Kors

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