Jennifer Hudson's Style

Today in our celebrity look segment is none other than Jennifer Hudson. She has come a long way when it comes to having a sense of style. After her weight loss, she was a little confused on what worked for her and ended up on more fashion don'ts than do. But along the line, she is still on the journey of  finding her style and so far, she is doing a great job.
I am also loving the new short hair do she has been spotted with lately, it adds a fresh and youthful look.

The orange dress above was what she wore recently to the American Music Awards. 

You can tell by her wardrobe that she is really having fun and keeps it simple, fresh and sometimes funky

what are your thoughts about her style, do you agree that she has come a long way?


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  1. She really has come a long way style-wise.
    She's doing a great job!
    And I love her new hair do.


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