Flare Anniversary

The year is almost over and time is flying like crazy to the point that our 1st wedding anniversary just passed. I wore this outfit because a day before, my husband told me to wear something comfortable and take a pair of flats for back up. Lets just say I was a little scare about that, especially when he said flats (I was not in the beach mode). But I didn't want to ruin the surprise he had planned for our day, so I just picked out this dress I got from Asos and paired it with an orange necklace for a pop of color.
I know this is *CHESSY*, but I decided to wear my wedding shoe for the day. I haven't worn it since our wedding day, so it just felt right to wear it on the same day it was worn.

Dress: Asos
Necklace: Le Chateau
Clutch: Karen Millen
Watch: Michael Kors
Shoes: Brian Atwood Limited Edition

 Hubby's Surprise

First of all, he stopped at the cinema and told me we were going to watch THOR since I have been talking about it. I thought it was really sweet, and we got there just in time. 


After the movies, we went for dinner at Intercontinental Hotel, they normally have a buffet in the evening at 8,500 Naira per person. We love to eat and I can guarantee you we ate more than we paid for lol.
Lastly, thinking that was the last stop, he told me on our way out that we have just one more last stop. I was really shocked that he took his time to plan. Next thing I know, we were at Shawnz Bar at Victoria Island, Its a Karaoke bar, really fun. So when we went upstairs, I was wondering "what is he up to?" it only took a few minutes before his friends came in saying surprise!!!. At that moment, I just felt like jumping on him *gonna keep it clean* lol. It was a lot of fun, and I got to sing one of my silly songs by George Micheal =Shoot the dog. hehe :D

Shaunz Bar

(pls forgive the quality, the place was a lot darker than this and my camera was just being a little dramatic about it.)

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  1. wao! u had fun :) happy anniversary in arrears :) Thor is one of my fave movie this year :D


  2. firstly, I knew your outfit will be gorgeous once I saw those shoes, u looked amazing..
    secondly, Awwww ur hubby is so romantic what a nice surprise, I know u enjoyed yourself.. U're an inspiration my dear..

  3. You look GREAT in this outfit and those shoes. . .are to die for!! Happy Anniversary to you both and Happy Holidays!

  4. Looking good girl, that food looks tasty. I have voted for you x

  5. You sure had a good time. Nice one!


  6. U look gorgeous. Happy anniversary in arrears.


  7. Those shoes are perfection!
    You look great.

  8. awww such a sweet husband..too cute

  9. Awww. Am so blushing for you! Love your shoes!

  10. U look great n those shoes oohh God they are perfect

  11. Happy Anniversary in arrears dearie. Love the shoes.


  12. Happy Anniversary!

    I love those shoes! Looks like a great time!

  13. happy anniversary.
    beautiful shoe.


  14. Aww super cute! And YES to those shoes! Happy anniversary :-)

    BTW, stop by and enter my contest for a chance to win free hand embellished eyewear from my accessory line!

    ~City Girl
    Confessions Of A City Girl

  15. looks like you had lots of fun. Happy Anniversary in arrears dear

  16. Your husband is so romantic dear, what a lovely day you must have had and you looked tres fab as always.


  17. I loove your gown
    Happy anniversary


  18. I loove your gown
    Happy anniversary



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