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Hello guys, it's been a while since I have done the "So far on Instagram". These are just a peek of what happens on Instagram.

This was a throwback picture, I took with my sister before we went for an engagement (we are not twins) lol.

This was another throwback picture I took a day before my birthday. I think it was 2010 July 24. I wasn't too happy, I guess cos I didn't have anything planned for my birthday "DRAMA QUEEN".

This just shows happy I get when I am shopping online. I am controlling myself and I have done well so far this year because there are more important things than clothes and SHOES!, ummm maybe only clothes.

Lastly, been having a serious sweet tooth these day, and I can't even post them on instagram so that I don't get called a fat kid. But I only really enjoyed the square caramel. The rest were a little too I-N-T-E-R-E-S-T-I-N-G, no comment. I ate it at Protea Hotel *walks away*

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  1. cute !!

  2. nice pictures and you guys really really look like twins.

  3. The throwback pic with your sister does look like you both are twins even with the difference in hair colour lol. It's nice though. Hmm the other desserts on the plate sure do look interesting, didn't they taste as good? Thanks for checking out me blog :) I will FedEx those cookies to you lol

  4. you and ur sis look like twins gosh

  5. Wow the resemblance is.... Okay you said you aren't twins :-D
    Love the 2nd picture. The unhappy look looked very cute and

  6. Good that you clerify you and your sister aren't twins,would have ask.haha Lovely pics.


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