Meeeerrryyyy Christmas to you all!! I hope you are having an amazing time. Red is the color for me this Christmas as it was for the last. I'm feeling a lot more sexy this time around, so I went for a fitted red dress :D. I have to go now cos my family is about the chow down on some delicious food. Have a blessed Christmas and remember that Jesus is the reason for the season. Muah!! 


Hi everyone!! Christmas is here and I hope you all are having a great time!! part of me being MIA has been due to being occupied and trying to catch some rest at the same time. Weddings have been a huge part of the holiday for me, as you know almost everyone is getting married now a days that when I hear women say there are no men, I wonder "then why are there so much weddings?" its just my personal thought. So a friend's wedding took place this weekend (my last wedding for the year) so a few of use ladies got a teal colored lace and gele as the aso ebi (material) for the ceremony. I didn't have enough time to give my tailor to sew something for me, because by the time I made up my mind to go for the wedding, It was 2 days remaining. So i decided to just tie the material around my waist like a skirt, wore a black strapless top and covered myself with a lemon lace jacket I made for a previous wedding. I'm actually happy I finally attended the wedding, because It was so much fun and it was straight to the point and sweet, the wedding finished at 6 - 7 pm. 

I just wanted to add this because  have been so proud of myself, I tied my gele (head wrap) myself :D, ok bye!!! 

Necklace: Le Reve
Shoes: River Island



This week it seems the ladies got the memo "No bright colors". let's check out who made the list.

Beyonce's shoes first caught my eyes, they look so sexy and chic!! Also Fedora hats are trending right now, so it was a nice touch to her look. 

Oh Blake Lively!! I have been catching up on Gossip Girl lately on the final season because I never got to finish it, and I stumbled upon this effortless and beautiful look she went for. If anyone told me this was a photo shoot, I would definitely believe. She makes pregnancy look so sexy.  

Sometimes less is more. I love when Lady Gaga looks human, she looked so classy and chic in her white dress. She should really find her way back to earth and continue on this new path. 

Alessandra looked so sexy in her see through dress, although its a little revealing, somehow she didn't make it look slutty. 

Moments with Mo co-host Bolanle looked so elegant in the brown gown. She kept it simple with her accessories, hair and makeup and allowed the dress to do the talking #perfect. It also compliments her shape. 
 If Solange was like a fashion dolly, I feel almost every girl would want her in their toy box. She almost never does not wrong and is really creative

Which are your fav listed above and what are your thoughts? 



WOODIN recently launched it's first Lagos branch store opening  on Saturday at Ikeja City Mall. I arrived a little early in the afternoon because my day was a little packed afterwards. The place was packed with so much customers shopping and having the time of their lives. Apart from their lovely fabrics on the display, they had other side attractions to distract their lovely guests. There were Woodin Stylists present to help out anyone to needed a little guidance, there was also a free makeover for the ladies who love to look fabulous and shop and the same time. Also, their brand ambassador Korede was also present at the event. He is known as the cutie in the Maven crew "Dorobucci", and lastly, the guests also had access to photography section where they took fun and silly picuters with their friends wearing cute pieces made the WOODIN. Here are a few pictures to give you an incite to the event.

Ladies lining up for their photoshoot 

Guests where allowed to do a photoshoot with fun Woodin Accessories 

Korede as the Brand Ambassador, I loved the top he made with their fabric

Fabric Heaven

Ps: I and a couple of my fellow fashion bloggers were named as WOODIN Style reps, yay!! so cool right? I can't wait to show you the amazing fabrics and how I rock em.

Have a blessed weekend!!



Chidinma Obairi SS 15 collection has the perfect dress for every occasion with impressive silhouettes and delicate embellishments. Drawing inspiration from contemporary art and luxury, the collection consists of beautiful evening gowns designed to make any woman stand out. 
The collection brings couture techniques to readt to wear, wearing timeless pieces. With embellished tulle, organza, laser-cut lace and dupion silks, this collection adds timless glamour to any woman's wardrobe. The designs are the perfect reflection of elegance, sensuality, romanticism and femininity. 

Lookbook Credits:

Photographer: Kelechi Amadi Obi
Model: Tansey Coetzee
Stylist: Ezinne Chinkata
Makeup: Seun Omisesan
Hair: Charles Stevens

Which dress is your favorite? 



Hey guys, Happy New Week!!. It has really been a full two weeks filled with a lot of celebrations and weddings. Well I had to buy a couple of aso ebi and I must tell you, it was hard to take full outfit pictures for my blog because it was really though with the time schedules for the weddings, and getting there on time because no one likes to park outside the venue, or is it only me? but I promise to put a few of them on again to show you the full look. I was lucky enough to sneak out a few selfies, there is no way I can avoid that, It's not just happening. I put up a few of my selfies for each event below, I would like to know which is your Favorite and why. :D 

Look 1
Excuse the blur on the side, I came out of the church to take a selfie, while we were waiting for the bride to arrive and a lady was walking up to me and it had to reflect on the window behind me.
 I kinda went for a simple makeup look, because the fabric was loud enough. 

Look 2

Don't we look gorge? I also loved the blue gele, especially on our champagne silk outfits. Our red lipsticks were just popping. This was the only selfie I took that day, when I got home I was a bit annoyed cos I hardly miss taking a selfie. But as they say,  sometimes you win some and you lose some. 

Look 3
I loved this coral look, this was my favorite gele, I love the colors and details. I actually took the selfie in a hotel room across from the bride's room where she was changing. I and a couple of girls where in the other room getting ready too. Was so proud of myself because it was my first attempt to apply full makeup (I'm still learning and loving it)

Selfie with a few friends

Look 4 
I was actually suppose to wear a yellow gele to the wedding that happened yesterday, but I left it at home while I was rushing to church. On the same day I had to wrap a pink gele because it was A Whole Woman sunday in church, we ladies had to come with pink geles. As much as I wanted to wrap the yellow gele, it was a bit stressful for me to wrap and unwrap. I was forgiven at the end of the day :) 

Which is your fav?

Also how many weddings do you have lined up or you've been to during this season? I'm done for the month, but will resume in December again. The wedding movement is real.



Solange was a lovely, elegant and unique bride on her special day which took place yesterday. We thought Kim Kardashian's paper magazine photo shoot broke the internet, but it seems it is Solange's wedding that's buzzing on the internet. I would have never thought of a bride looking the way she did on their day, but I guess if its your second wedding, it's more likely to get more creative since you've already experienced the princess look, right? Im just guessing. But she really nailed it, loved everything about each of her look and her husband looked dapper.

First Look 

Riding to the venue on a bicycle was a cute way of transportation. 

Second Look

Third Look

Family Members

What do you think about her outfit choice and which is your favorite?


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