It's been 4 years today since I started this blog, and I just feel so old now I am thinking about it because I know when I started. It has been quite a journey. Out of the four years I was running this blog, I mostly paid attention to it 2 years out of the 4. I would normally just post and close my laptop and that was it, but last year I had the courage to start a Facebook page, Instagram and now a Youtube Channel. My blog is still a baby to me because its a hobby that keeps me out of trouble. Like my parents always said "an Idle woman is a devil's workshop". We women know our best contribution to the world when we are not busy. So after work, its just another way to keeping me busy and I find a lot of Joy doing so.

I just want to thank all my lovely, sexy, beautiful and handsome readers who take the time out of their day just to visit my website, It really means a lot to me, and the readers to leave comments on the blog, especially my (Anonymous) who only comments when he or she has something negative to say, I will soon do a post on your comments lol.
But in all, If not for you all I really don't know If I would still be running this blog, I am truly grateful.  God bless and keep you all. MUAH!!!


Yours Truly
Velma Williams

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The Grammy's took place yesterday, but I could not watch it "boo hoo" :(, but I was able to get an idea of what happened on the internet. From the pictures I spotted online, I wanted to share with you my best dressed choices and a trend I discovered that was occurring a lot on the red carpet. If you have any thoughts about who you think was your best dressed celeb or your favorite moment in the Grammys, please don't hesitate to share :)

Best Dressed

From left to right: Ciara - Katy Perry - Tamar Braxton - Alicia Keys

From left to right: Giuliana Rancic - Paris Hilton - Faith Evans - Taylor Swift

From left to right: Kelly Osbourne - Colbie Caillat - Madonna

Best Dressed Couples

Jayz - Beyonce  and Christine Teigen - John-legend

Carey Hart - Pink  and  Robin Thicke - Paula Patton

Wiz Khalifa - Amber-Rose and Gloria Estefan - Emilio Estefan



Hey guys, Like I said in the previous post that I would explain myself on me being MIA. I could not really blog or post much on any social network for a week. For those that follow me on Instagram, Facebook and twitter, you would know that I actually went to camp for a week in my church. It was an interesting experience that I would love to do all over again after some rest, cos mosquitos ain’t easy (that story is for another day).
Before my MIA stunt, I recently got this Sophia Webster shoes ending of last year at the Net-A-porter online sale. There is nothing that feels better than getting really cute pair of shoes for half the price or more. When I do that, I feel on top of the world. Like I always say “I can’t wait to wear this baby out”

Shoes: Sophia Webster

Hello Guy, I have really missed you all, so sorry for being MIA, will explain it further in the nest post. I hope I have been forgiven :). I just had to so this post because I am so in love with this wedding dress, it is so elegant and sexy. The lady in the lovely dress is an OAP (on air personality) at Rythm 93.7 known as Toke Makinwa. She recently got married to the love of her life, which was a shock to her family, friends and fans. It was a low key ceremony, that was even s suprise to her as she stated on her blog. But regardless or everything, I must say she looks stunning. The designer of the dress is April by Kunbi.

Dress: April by Kunbi

The lovely couple.

What do you think of her look? 

African Prints are just to loud, busy and beautiful. Stylist Enrica Ponzellini and Lucia Giacani a photographer worked together to produce an Editorial called "African Visions" for Vogue Accessory. It features the latest accessory stories from designers such as Versace, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Prade and Persol 9649.

I just love how they paired and played with different African prints, fun to look at. What are your thoughts?


A New Year is kind of a way for us to re-evaluate our lives, and have (I guess) another chance of doing things right, setting new goals for ourselves and bettering ourselves etc. Well that same bug beat me last week. I just want to be a better person than I was last year, get more focused on things my hands kinda got involved in along the way and hopefully add a plus 1 *wink* to the family this year, and stop being selfish and afraid of what might be (I love my me time and what me and the Mr have now). I really need to live for the moment, with a little thought about the future. No body can think as much as I do, but I thank God I am getting better. Amin!
As you all know I am in a video rampage, I have done two videos so far and hopefully make more along the way. For some of you who haven't seen them, you can check out my channel FashionRehabTV and subscribe :).
Lastly, I entered this year with my African prints, and paired it up with a plain whit tee and white vest. I was just going for a simple, chic look.

Plain white Tee
Vest: Asos
African print pants
Bracelet: H&M
Bag: Marc Jacob
Shoes: Valentino
The Neck piece was a gift.


Happy New Year!! this year is definitely going to be an amazing year. I'm excited about what this year has to offer. How bout you? This year I have no New Year resolution, cos I am more likely to fall out of it. So I just plan to live each day and enjoy my life.

I have a fun new video for you showing my top 10 looks from 2013. Just a simple click and start your day with a little smile :).


Here are the top 10 looks for those who are not able to watch the video.


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