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A New Year is kind of a way for us to re-evaluate our lives, and have (I guess) another chance of doing things right, setting new goals for ourselves and bettering ourselves etc. Well that same bug beat me last week. I just want to be a better person than I was last year, get more focused on things my hands kinda got involved in along the way and hopefully add a plus 1 *wink* to the family this year, and stop being selfish and afraid of what might be (I love my me time and what me and the Mr have now). I really need to live for the moment, with a little thought about the future. No body can think as much as I do, but I thank God I am getting better. Amin!
As you all know I am in a video rampage, I have done two videos so far and hopefully make more along the way. For some of you who haven't seen them, you can check out my channel FashionRehabTV and subscribe :).
Lastly, I entered this year with my African prints, and paired it up with a plain whit tee and white vest. I was just going for a simple, chic look.

Plain white Tee
Vest: Asos
African print pants
Bracelet: H&M
Bag: Marc Jacob
Shoes: Valentino
The Neck piece was a gift.



  1. love your shoes and necklace... happy new year babe!

  2. I like how you wear ur printed pants.been into them too.happy new yr

  3. i love d plus one part,and yes it requires ur thinkin a lot cos u n d hubs time wnt b d same bt its one of those things u sacrifice for and at d end nothing can replace ur +1 so its still a ur pants

  4. Such an alive and colorful outfit. Well done!

  5. Love ur shoes and u look lovely

  6. You look Great and those pants are everything. Hope all your wishes to add to your family and live a healthy life come true!

  7. I love this look! the necklace is everything!!
    Happy newyear!! :D

  8. The pants are amazing!!!! Looking great girl ;)

    xoxo Gozika

  9. The trousers and shoes are amazing!

  10. The pants are always so ill fitted. You need to lose a whole lot of weight.

  11. Love your shoes. You look gorgeous

  12. I love the color of those Valentinos! Happy New Year!

  13. Those shoes are everything, i know that plus one feeling lol:)


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