Hey guys, I have been so occupied these days with a lot of things, but I will try and take it easy this week. All I can say is there some people one would wish they never worked with, cos they only stress, I really can't wait for this phase to be over. But there is nothing that can make a me happy than receiving a package containing Items that I purchased. I recently added these two clutch to mu collection, aren't they pretty? I believe I spent about 50 something dollars (9k-10k naira) buying both pairs,  not bad at all.

River Island

Hello everyone! How's your week going so far? I hope its better than the last. Mine is a little busy, well I thank God for that, cos its better to be busy than not doing anything at all. 
So lets get to why you are here. A lot of we ladies love Jewelry, can anyone testify?!! *hands in the air*. So I am here to share and talk about a few goodies I received from an online store called Chezjumelle . They ship anywhere in Nigeria and really have lovely vintage accessories. Here are a few pieces from their store.

 Dinma Vintage Earring
I love this piece cos I am a fan of big earrings and I love the fact that it's made of light metal and is colorful. There are some earrings you would wear that would really strain your ears, but this one is ear friendly :). Also it has a butterfly hook, not clip on. 

Red Vintage Earring
This earring is so hot, It caught my attention the first time I saw it, you can see the joy on my face. You can't help but notice them because of the design. For those days you don't want to wear big earrings, this is a must cos they are sexy and still stand out (without trying). It is also a butterfly hook, not clip on.

 The gold cross brooch is a mixture of sophistication due to the gold color and design, and goth because of the round ball in the middle. It brings out the edgy side of you, It can go from casual to all dressed up depending on how you put together your outfit.
The pearl brooch is cute and classy because of the white pearls around it. It can also go from casual to all dressed up. As you can see below, I paired the both of them with a blazer, just to give you a Idea.

Visit their website www.chezjumelle.com
Email: contact@chezjumelle.com
Twitter: @chez_jumelle (click here)
Facebook: ChezjumelleVintage (Click here)

I wish you all a happy, beautiful and fabulous Valentine's day. Muah!! and please don't forget to check out the lovely deal and sexy gift Idea for the week, its not too late, Click Here

February is finally here, the month for love. But the most important day of the is the 14th which is tomorrow. On such a day, it is good to be prepared by looking your best, because you can never be too sure who you might meet (for the single ladies) and what your partner has planned for you. So that is why I'm here to make sure you are ready. For those who have watched the video already, your a step ahead.

The First Step, Standing out: You are more likely to find a lot of people wearing red, but that shouldn't be you. Pick out a color that best suits you or brightens up your day. It would definitely ass a boost to your confidence and release an inviting aura *wink*. What I would recommend for those in a relationship, is to try and pick out a color your partner fins you very attractive in. 

The Second Step, Hair: One thing I will let you ladies know is that men are not that complicated when it comes to hairstyles, they don't mind you sticking to a style they are used to as long as it makes you look pretty. But if you want to try something new, it doesn't hurt. Just try to keep it simple and fresh. One more thing, do not try out a style you are not sure about or have never tried before close to the date. This is because it can be the best thing or the worst. Stress is that last thing you need close or on the day.

The Third Step, Outfit: On such a day, you want to be ready for whatever comes your way, well sort of. For instance, it could be a lunch date movies, dinner or a party. The best safe look to go for on Valentine's day is a flare midi skirt and a top of your choice that would compliment the skirt. Also for the ladies who love to show off their figure, the look to go for is a high waist pencil skirt with a crop top, its a trend that has been in for a while.
Hint: if you decide to wear heels, please carry a pair of cute flats or sandals for back up. 

If you're aware of where you will be going to, for instance a dinner date, a lace dress is a perfect choice. It's a classy and sexy look and would definitely make you the center of attention, especially with your date.

 For the flirty and fun look, go with a flare lace dress with the color of your choice. But if you want the sexy look, you can go for the fitted lace dress. Ladies that consider their tummy as a problem area should make sure their dress has a waist line like the grey dress, which separates the upper and lower body. It will give you a waist and take the attention away from your problem area and enhance your curves. Also if you have more of the pear shape like the lady in the purple dress, you may consider a fitted lace dress to show off your curves. 

A Little Note

Show love, feel love and stay fabulous this Valentine.

If you missed the video in the previous post, you can watch it here below. 

I have a little treat for my lovely readers, Undercover is an online Underwear/ sleepwear store for male, female and kids. They are offering 20% discount when you purchase their Valentine's day collection. Ladies its time to purchase some Valentine Lingerie for your man *wink* and for my male readers, you can also treat yourself buying the collection your lady. 4 more days till Valentine's day, don't miss out!!

Visit their website: Undercover
Phone: 08177556630
BBpin: 284AD241
Email: askus@undercover.com.ng

I stumbled upon Oprah Winfrey on the cover of Vogue 1998 edition. At first I wanted to believe it was Photoshop, cos I had never seen this cover before (I'm sure I was in Primary school back then). She looked so elegant, beautiful and graceful. Looking at the cover, It reminded me of how I and some women body size go up and down like a yo-yo over the years. I have gained weight and lost so much that I can write a book about my confused weight journey. Oprah still looks amazing on the curvy side now, but I am sure she has this hanging somewhere in her house. Well if I was offered to be on the cover of Vogue and would be skinny too. :) Love me some Oprah.
 Let me know your thoughts

An excerpt from the interview: “As we make our way to the end of Bear Creek and find a spot on a rock to best enjoy the spray from a big, dramatic waterfall, I ask if she ever—when she was young—dreamed of being in Vogue. “Dreamed to be in Vogue? I’m a black woman from Mississippi. Why would I be thinking I was gonna be in Vogue? I would never have even thought of it as a possibility. That’s why it’s so extraordinary. You know what it’s like? I did Ernest Gaines’s book A Lesson Before Dying on my show for the book club, and we went to Louisiana. We sat in the dining room of the big house of the plantation where he, as a boy, would come and help his grandmother. And I said, ‘As a boy, when you saw this house, did you have visions of being in this room and sitting at the dinner table?’ ‘Not even a dream,’ he said. I mean, I’ve been fighting weight all my life, definitely never even thought of myself as an attractive girl. So why would I be dreaming about Vogue?” She starts to laugh. “Vogue is the big house! Didn’t think I’d be sittin’ at that table!”

We are in the month of love, and before February arrives, a lot of people start planning or think of what might happen on February 14. Valentine's Day is approaching soon, so I decided to create a video giving you steps and guidelines as you prepare for it. I hope you'll have as much fun watching as I did making it.


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Some of you that follow me on Instagram might think "I thought she just got her hair done, why I'm I seeing braids" well the answer is I took this picture before I changed my hairstyle. I'm not really the big hair kinda girl, but once in a while, its good to try out something new. Apart from my new hairdo,  when I was at work, I discovered a website called HelloFood and they deliver your meal from any restaurant of your choice. I didn’t know we had this in our country, I was really shocked. Those who know me, know that I don't play with my food, especially during lunch time. I placed an order from one of the restaurants I normally order from and before I knew it, they delivered the food faster than I expected. This is a New Year / Valentine gift I am sharing with you, especially for the stay at home ladies, when your not in the mood to cook but you want your man to eat, its a life saver (before I expose myself).  Also to make it easier, they have an app on android and Apple, *wink*.

Sunglasses: A gift from my sister (No brand Name)
Skirt: Made by my tailor
Black top
Shoes: Naughty Monkey
Bracelet: Oscar de la renta
Bag: Asos

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