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Hello everyone! How's your week going so far? I hope its better than the last. Mine is a little busy, well I thank God for that, cos its better to be busy than not doing anything at all. 
So lets get to why you are here. A lot of we ladies love Jewelry, can anyone testify?!! *hands in the air*. So I am here to share and talk about a few goodies I received from an online store called Chezjumelle . They ship anywhere in Nigeria and really have lovely vintage accessories. Here are a few pieces from their store.

 Dinma Vintage Earring
I love this piece cos I am a fan of big earrings and I love the fact that it's made of light metal and is colorful. There are some earrings you would wear that would really strain your ears, but this one is ear friendly :). Also it has a butterfly hook, not clip on. 

Red Vintage Earring
This earring is so hot, It caught my attention the first time I saw it, you can see the joy on my face. You can't help but notice them because of the design. For those days you don't want to wear big earrings, this is a must cos they are sexy and still stand out (without trying). It is also a butterfly hook, not clip on.

 The gold cross brooch is a mixture of sophistication due to the gold color and design, and goth because of the round ball in the middle. It brings out the edgy side of you, It can go from casual to all dressed up depending on how you put together your outfit.
The pearl brooch is cute and classy because of the white pearls around it. It can also go from casual to all dressed up. As you can see below, I paired the both of them with a blazer, just to give you a Idea.

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Facebook: ChezjumelleVintage (Click here)


  1. Very cute earrings! I love a unique earring because it can really change your outfit and make it pop. Thanks for sharing!

    Jonesy @

  2. great post babe

  3. They are gorg i love tje red ones soo cute

  4. The red vintage earring is cute.

  5. Love the red vintage earring.


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