Love In Style (write up)

February is finally here, the month for love. But the most important day of the is the 14th which is tomorrow. On such a day, it is good to be prepared by looking your best, because you can never be too sure who you might meet (for the single ladies) and what your partner has planned for you. So that is why I'm here to make sure you are ready. For those who have watched the video already, your a step ahead.

The First Step, Standing out: You are more likely to find a lot of people wearing red, but that shouldn't be you. Pick out a color that best suits you or brightens up your day. It would definitely ass a boost to your confidence and release an inviting aura *wink*. What I would recommend for those in a relationship, is to try and pick out a color your partner fins you very attractive in. 

The Second Step, Hair: One thing I will let you ladies know is that men are not that complicated when it comes to hairstyles, they don't mind you sticking to a style they are used to as long as it makes you look pretty. But if you want to try something new, it doesn't hurt. Just try to keep it simple and fresh. One more thing, do not try out a style you are not sure about or have never tried before close to the date. This is because it can be the best thing or the worst. Stress is that last thing you need close or on the day.

The Third Step, Outfit: On such a day, you want to be ready for whatever comes your way, well sort of. For instance, it could be a lunch date movies, dinner or a party. The best safe look to go for on Valentine's day is a flare midi skirt and a top of your choice that would compliment the skirt. Also for the ladies who love to show off their figure, the look to go for is a high waist pencil skirt with a crop top, its a trend that has been in for a while.
Hint: if you decide to wear heels, please carry a pair of cute flats or sandals for back up. 

If you're aware of where you will be going to, for instance a dinner date, a lace dress is a perfect choice. It's a classy and sexy look and would definitely make you the center of attention, especially with your date.

 For the flirty and fun look, go with a flare lace dress with the color of your choice. But if you want the sexy look, you can go for the fitted lace dress. Ladies that consider their tummy as a problem area should make sure their dress has a waist line like the grey dress, which separates the upper and lower body. It will give you a waist and take the attention away from your problem area and enhance your curves. Also if you have more of the pear shape like the lady in the purple dress, you may consider a fitted lace dress to show off your curves. 

A Little Note

Show love, feel love and stay fabulous this Valentine.

If you missed the video in the previous post, you can watch it here below. 


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