Oprah Winfrey's Vintage Vogue 1998 Cover

I stumbled upon Oprah Winfrey on the cover of Vogue 1998 edition. At first I wanted to believe it was Photoshop, cos I had never seen this cover before (I'm sure I was in Primary school back then). She looked so elegant, beautiful and graceful. Looking at the cover, It reminded me of how I and some women body size go up and down like a yo-yo over the years. I have gained weight and lost so much that I can write a book about my confused weight journey. Oprah still looks amazing on the curvy side now, but I am sure she has this hanging somewhere in her house. Well if I was offered to be on the cover of Vogue and would be skinny too. :) Love me some Oprah.
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An excerpt from the interview: “As we make our way to the end of Bear Creek and find a spot on a rock to best enjoy the spray from a big, dramatic waterfall, I ask if she ever—when she was young—dreamed of being in Vogue. “Dreamed to be in Vogue? I’m a black woman from Mississippi. Why would I be thinking I was gonna be in Vogue? I would never have even thought of it as a possibility. That’s why it’s so extraordinary. You know what it’s like? I did Ernest Gaines’s book A Lesson Before Dying on my show for the book club, and we went to Louisiana. We sat in the dining room of the big house of the plantation where he, as a boy, would come and help his grandmother. And I said, ‘As a boy, when you saw this house, did you have visions of being in this room and sitting at the dinner table?’ ‘Not even a dream,’ he said. I mean, I’ve been fighting weight all my life, definitely never even thought of myself as an attractive girl. So why would I be dreaming about Vogue?” She starts to laugh. “Vogue is the big house! Didn’t think I’d be sittin’ at that table!”


  1. she look so beautiful!!


  2. Wow! Great find! O looks amazing either way!

  3. unbelievable...wonder what she would think looking at this pictures now...nice post

    love your bog

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