Hey everyone, hope you all had an amazing weekend. Today is the last day of march, as I normally do, I give an in-site on a little that occurred in the month.

The picture below are the shoes I wore to church yesterday. We were told to wear either a pink or purple outfit to celebrate mothers day. Every woman was celebrated, both mothers and those who weren't mother yet because every woman is capable of giving birth to a child.

I am trying to live a healthy lifestyle (may God help me). I need to put away my unhealthy obsession with goldenmorn, and fast food. So I try to have fruits for breakfast now a day, and as meals with the day, lets see how far I can go *fingers crossed*

This was my favorite perfume for the month Versace Crystal Noir. It is so strong and smells so good. Even when I spray a little, it still lives a mark. It a great buy.

Ok so this is my favorite drink (chapman), to the point that you can lure me with it. I don't understand the connection between me an this drink, but its strong. This was when I took my husband out for Chinese food on his birthday *march 15* You can also lure him with Chinese food. 


Hey guys it's Finally Giveaway time on Fashion Rehab. Mother's day is around the corner, even though majority of people do not know the exact date, but we do know it is a season to celebrate the women who brought us into this world. To join in on the celebration, IyaEko  is offering five people a chance to win 2000 Naira DealDey vouchers and 10000 Naira DealDey voucher to one lucky winner, WHO DOESN'T LIKE FREE CASH??  (I don't know).
The fun part about it is I get to chose the five people that would win, so here are the rules to follow in order to win:
1)Upload a picture of your mother on INSTAGRAM.
2) Type whatever you feel like about your mother
3) Tag under the picture @fashionrehabng #Mum #IyaEko #Fashionrehab (more tags if you like #blessed #beautiful etc)
4) After doing so, come on the blog and comment on the post, to let me know you have participated.
5) Finally try to get as much likes as possible!!! the more likes you get the better your chances of winning the 10000 Naira voucher.

Check out DealDey and see how far the money can go. A Special thanks to IyaEko 

I love a giveaway that makes it possible for more than one person to win. 


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Don't Limit Your Challenges, Challenge Your Limits With This Years "Miss Black and Proud Africa" Competition 2014!

Are you African and fierce? Do you feel you have what it takes to ‘talk the talk’ and ‘walk the walk’? Do you have the desire to excel in the field of modelling and beyond? Are you bold and eloquent with unique features? Do you have a passion for success?

The ‘Black and Proud’ Model competition 2014 is a fashion and modelling initiative aimed at developing and providing young African females a platform to excel in the field of modelling and beyond, providing each applicant  a unique opportunity to achieve their desired goals.

African models have struggled in their efforts to excel in the field of modelling and beyond globally. Although, models in general face several challenges irrespective of their race and cultural background, African models have had course to tackle with their efforts to excel and promote their true ethnicity.

The word Black is a Metaphor used here to represent a foundation on which Africas culture, heritage and ethnicity are embodied to give an edge and charisma that supersedes falling back to a notion that ‘black’ is just an ordinary colour. It promotes strength, unity, beauty and diversity on which a number of African women all over the world have embraced and created entrepreneurial goals and achievements for them.

This project therefore embraces women from all over irrespective of their skin colour, race or social-cultural background who are proudly African.

Several notable international African models have used such opportunities to excel and achieve greatness in the world today. The competition gives an avenue to promote Africa’s richness, beauty and diversity while upholding our cultural background and ethnicity.

 This year it could be you!!!


The competition would consist of Regional Castings, The Black and Proud Academy (boot camp) and the Main Event. Applicants would be judged based on their individuality, originality, unique attributes and creativity. Castings would take place in Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt


  • Go to blacknproud.org and fill online application bio data.
  • Send in a 3 min video clip showcasing individual commercial prowess (ability to sell and influence). Products can be dresses, shoes, bags, nature or whatever works for you. Videos are to be sent via mail or hard disk which can be brought to the audition centres. Videos can be shot with camera phones, digital cameras and other electronic gadgets convenient for you.
  • Registrations forms would be sent via contact email provided in step 1 or can be picked up at audition centers.
  • Registeration forms are FREE 

Applicants from other West African countries are invited to participate in the Black and Proud Model Competition 2014.

Please note that further details regarding videos and data sent would be conveyed via registration forms.

The theme for this year’s Miss Black and Proud Africa competition is “WHO IS THE FIERCEST OF THEM ALL”. The theme is centred on providing a winner who has the ability to command the catwalk and showcase her originality and individuality by maintaining her confidence and charisma.

Audition dates and venues would be announced shortly.

The Winner for the Black and Proud Model Competition would walk away with
  • Prize Money
  • One week luxury trip to an African destination country
  • One year modelling contract with one of Africa's most prestigious modelling agencies
  • Brand Endorsements
  • ...... and many more

Applicants please note that THERE WOULD BE AN INTERESTING TWIST on the day of the main event scheduled to take place on the 2nd of August, 2014.

Don’t just hear about it. BE ABOUT IT!!!

Ff us on Twitter/Instagram-@bblackandproud

For sponsorship and enquiries email- blackandproud2014@gmail.com or call: 08032179713

Visit: http://blacknproud.org

 “The Black and Proud Model Competition” is proudly supported by media partners Styljunki and BellaNaija.


Hello beautiful people!! It's a new week, new mind set and new goals, are you with me? My weekend was really relaxing, I didn't want to do anything that would stress me out at all. This was a casual girly look I went for to go out for a quick lunch. I wasn't in the mood for heels, my feet were in resting mode too. To end the weekend, after church I went to watch the movie "300", all I can say it there was too much testosterone (the movie is definitely not for kids) I enjoyed every bit of it. After last night, all I can remember is waking up this morning feeling so good about myself and fresh, and ready to storm this week. I pray you all have a fruitful and blessed week ahead :D Muah!! 

Top: WoolWorth
Black Skirt
Bag: DVF
Sunglasses: Gucci
Shoes: Miu Miu
Watch: Michael Kors


Hey guys, I love this post because the Barbie doll played a huge part in my childhood. Lord knows how many of her weaves I have pulled off, Legs I have broken and clothes I made for her. I thought Barbie dolls where only for Kids, but I guess designers begged to differ. These dolls are for grown ups, yep I SAID GROWN UPS, and they range from $100 dollars upwards for those who are interested in collecting each designer doll. 
I asked myself two questions that I'm sure a lot of you are wondering, where is Barbie's boyfriend Ken? Is she now going solo? I guess Barbie just got too ambitious that Ken just has to keep up (I don't think guys showed some love to Ken). Check out the designer collection below, I must say, I wish designers paid attention to me as they do for Barbie (Life). 


LDA has done it again, I have always been a huge fan of her work. I love they way she mixes different colors and patterns and her collections always look so feminine. One more thing I have noticed is that you don't really need to wear much accessories, her clothes stand out alone.

What are your thoughts about the collection?


Hey guys, I hope your week is going well. Mine started off a bit down, I came down with the flu and had to rest and drink some mixtures to feel better, you can check it out on my Instagram. This Sunday, I decided to go with the school girl look to church, I kept it cute and elegant even though I could not stay for the whole service. I felt a little nausea mixed with the cold (not cool), So I had to rest in the office, but at least I watched the whole service from there. I am just happy I feel better today and I am out of the house. 

Dress: AZ
Shirt: Asos
Shoes: Valentino
Clutch: Asos
Necklace: J.crew
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelet: Kenneth Jay Lane


 I am so happy to see one of Nigeria's up coming designers being recognized. Maki Oh showcased her RTW fall 2014 collection that was inspired by her vision of woman in the mirror reciting the lyrics, "Tell me I'm the only one, Even if you choke". 
Moet Hennessy . Louis Vuitton S.A known as LVMH is a program that is created to support up and coming fashion designers and to award designers who capture the hearts of the jury which consists of Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfield and many more. Check out more of the collection below, enjoy!


It has come to my attention to do this post due to observation and personal experience. If you fit in any of these categories, then this is for you.

1) A hoarder: You store a lot of clothes in your closet just because you have a closet, even if you are going to wear them or not. 

2) Attachments due to sentimental reasons: A lot of people fall into this category, they hold on to some pieces due to a special person who had bought or given it to them. Also, it depends on what the pieces represent in a certain time or phase in their lives (I was a victim of this but I have been saved).                                                             
3) Space Insecurity: These set of people mostly just keep their closet filled up just to make themselves feel like they have a lot of clothes, and not deal with the reality of lack of clothing. They normally don't wear 70% of what is in their closet.

4) "ONE DAY" belief: The reason why "one day" is written in capital letters, is because that day never really comes. This category are those that buy clothes that are a little smaller than their size either by mistake or on purpose to encourage themselves to lose the weight so that they can fit into it. This process can go on for years and it is mostly never a successful goal.

Here is some information to let you know when its time to let go and how.

Torn Clothes

There comes a time when your clothes will be worn out and have little torn patches. It could be caused by the test of time or rodents. When it gets to such a time, you have to let go.
Never Been Worn
If you have had an outfit in your closet that you haven't worn for more than 2 years since the day you bought them, it's time to let go. You are more likely to never wear it, so let it be a blessing to another who would have use for it.
Doesn't Fit
When you grow out of your clothes due to your weight, or if you purchase a smaller size by mistake or on purpose to reach your size goal. It is highly recommended to let go if you don't accomplish the goal dress size in a year.

When you want to let go of your clothes, if they are still in good condition you can give them to the less privilege or people you know that might want them or sell them. But if they are in bad condition, you can throw them away.


Hey guys, hope you all are having an amazing Sunday. How many of you were able to watch the AMVCA yesterday? how was it? I was unable to watch it cos I wasn't at home. Only those that follow me on Twitter would know the reason. I could only catch up with what the celebs wore , Thanks to the Internet!! so I decided to share my favorite looks and popular trends at the Awards. 

Funke Akindele - Rita Dominic - Yvonne Ekwere

Vimbai Mutinhiri - Ik Osakioduwa

Uche Jumbo - Agbani Darego - Eku Edewor

Jackie Appiah - Yemi Alade - Genevieve Nnaji

Gbenro Ajibade - Alex Ekubo 



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